Diary: Blogging!

My first post has to be a diary entry about starting Blogging... because by god making a Blog has been harder than I could have imagined! HTML code plus Mummy Brain is a disastrous combination.  First of all there was thinking of a name for a Blog.  This is tricky.  I spent days trying to think of something either witty or descriptive...going from My Bloggy Wog to Yummy Vegan Mummy, but nothing felt right! I eventually decided on Tea With Felicity as one day I dream of opening a vegan tea room called Feliciteas, and everyone who knows me will confirm I am a fiend for the old tea, drinking at least 6 cups a day and have a cupboard full (about 20 different types).  My next hurdle starting the Blog was working out how the hell to work Blogger.  After about a week I could finally navigate the website - yes! Lastly I had to try to make the Blog pretty.  This has been my nightmare as I'm such a perfectionist and wanted a quirky Blog that I could be proud of, but I don't understand HTML code at all! Every time I found an element I wanted to add to the Blog I painstakingly copied the instructions and it wouldn't work! I've done my best and am just hoping that you lovely readers will comment with ideas (and step by step instructions!) I'm so happy to be starting blogging now, and I promise to update as often as I can.  I'll classify posts at the start of the title with either 'Review' if they are a product review, 'Article' if they aim to be more factual, 'List' for lists of things I lust after, love or loathe, 'Ideas' for crafty things to make or fun things to try, 'Recipes' for, well, recipes (!), 'Diary' if they are about personal experiences and general nonsense etc. so look out for things you are interested in!
Peace and love,

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