List: My Favourite Chocolate!

1) Dark Chocolate Golden Crunch, £4. This is my number one favourite chocolate, vegan Crunchie! It's delicious! I love it so much! It's sweet, and crunchy and YUMMY

2) Lindt 70% Dark, from supermarkets, £1.78.  This is the creamiest dark chocolate I have ever tasted but is (of course) vegan! It has the richness and intensity of dark chocolate so isn't as sweet and sickly as milk chocolate, but it's so creamy and melt-in-your-mouth! I get through at least 2 bars a week!

3) Moo-Free Caramelised Chocolate Pralines, £8.  I have a real thing for pralines, and these are lovely because they also have a caramel textured centre, and the chocolate is SO milky! You absolutely would not know these were dairy free.  They do 'milk' chocolate buttons and Easter eggs too which are brilliant for kids that prefer the taste of the milder milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

4) Organica Spirit of Tangiers Swiss Dark Chocolate Bar, £2.17.  This dark chocolate orange bar has little crunchy bits of crystallised orange zest in it and the flavour of the chocolate is scrumptious.  I really like chocolate and orange together.

5) Lyme Regis Marzipan Bar, 83p.  Whenever I walk past our local health food shop I always go in and buy a bar.  Unfortunately I walk past every day.  Sometimes twice.  But I can't stop going in! I have a passion for marzipan and used to eat a 400g box every day after school!

6) Organica Chocolate Couverture Bar with Raisins & Almonds, £2.99.  Another Organica bar! This one is super creamy like Galaxy chocolate, but with the raisins and almonds is like Cadbury's Fruit and Nut!

7) Green and Black's Organic Ginger Dark Chocolate, £2.38.  I really love the warmth and spiciness of ginger with chocolate, it's smashing.  As this one contains crystallised ginger it has that pleasing crunch! Yum! There was some debate recently about whether Green & Black's was vegan after they removed the Vegan Society accreditation.  When I spoke to the company about they said this is because they make their dark and milk chocolate in the same machines, but they 'flush' the machines through with dark chocolate after doing a milk chocolate run (as well as cleaning them obviously!) which is good enough for me :)

8) Montezuma's Marzipan and Cherry ChocoBlock, £6.99.  Ahhh marzipan.  And cherry! In a MASSIVE block of chocolate! It's about the size of half a paperback book, and half an inch thick.  It's so big it's quite hard to snap with your fingers and you sometimes have to smash it with a rolling pin. Alot of chocolate joy for your money!

9) Buccaneer Bar, £1.80.  Vegan Milky Way! Very  sweet, milky and sickly.  Yum!

Gianduja Praline
10) Hotel Chocolat Gianduja Pralines, £14.  I debated for a long time which Hotel Chocolat chocolate would make the list, and eventually decided on the Gianduja pralines, as the texture is amazing, the chocolate very balanced and not too bitter or sweet, and I love praline!  My other favourites are Nutty Yule Log and Ginger Canapes.

And I reeeeally want to try the Conscious Chocolate range, which you can buy from Goodness Direct.  It's healthier as it's made from raw unprocessed ingredients and sweetened with agave nectar rather than sugar, and as I eat so much chocolate this is a very good thing! There are lots of flavours like Essential Orange, Mint Hint and Love Potion No 9,  I'm sure there'll be many new fact, I might make an order now! All of this talk of chocolate has made me hungry! 

Oh, and just a note, I also love Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisps! Mmmmm choccy....


  1. Hi :) Ooooo chocolate. I love vegan chocolate posts, I've made one myself actually :) I'm going to do one on UK vegan easter eggs soon. I haven't tried most of the chocolates on your list, actually any except for the Bucaneeer, Lindt 70% and Organica Fruit and Nut. Definitely putting the Hotel Chocolat gianduja and the moo free pralines on my 'to try' list!! :D

  2. Thank you Kirsti, I'm so glad you liked the post! I'm going to check out your blog now! x