List: Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Mothering Sunday is on the 3rd of April this year, so don't forget to treat your mum to show her how much you care for her! Every Mother's Day should be special, mummies do so much for their babies, and the first Mothering Sunday should be EXTRA special. 

If you've got a child under five then they probably haven't got a present or card (after age five they might have made them at school, but check!) so that falls on you dads! You might also be planning to get a gift or card for your friend or relative who has a new baby but be stuck for ideas.  Every mum is different and the best gift is always the most thoughtful, not necessarily the most expensive. 

Some ideas are a new or rare book by her favourite author, a print by an artist she likes, a cd by her favourite band, something you've made her or a framed photo of you and her/her and her baby.  She might even love a Playboy duvet set or a ride on a Harley Davidson, everyone's different and unique! I would steer away from things like an apron or recipe books, unless she's a really avid cook, as this is a gift that is going to require her to slave away in the kitchen so she will see it and feel like a stressed skivvy!

Here is a list of ideas that I think my mum would like and that I would love as a new mummy, in case you need inspiration.

Flowers from The Real Cut Flower Garden, about £35, or By Nature, about £39, or pick some yourself! I used to make my mum and my friend's mum a little posy of daffodils every Mothering Sunday at Sunday school! Find out which flowers your mum actually likes, and buy local, seasonal SCENTED flowers that are field grown in the UK and organic if you can.  There's nothing worse than a lurid, limp bunch of garage flowers that don't even smell of anything!

A box of vegan cupcakes, from £11.99 for 6, Blue Lotus Cakes.  Blue Lotus products make the MOST delicious cupcakes that they deliver to your door on the specified date.  You can choose from almond, cappuccino, carrot, chocolate fudge (highly recommended!), chocolate mocha, coffee, lemon curd, lemon-vanilla, rich fruit, triple chocolate or vanilla and they also make large cakes, chocolate brownies, bakewell tarts, muffins, millionaire's shortbread etc.!
Personalised Pink Hearts 1/2 Pint Mug
A personalised teapot or mug from Emma Bridgewater, from £14.  Now this is the present I'd wish for if only we were made of money! You can choose the item you'd like to personalise, (there are lots, including teapots, mugs, cups, plates, jugs, bowls, etc.) then you choose the pattern (hearts, stars, polka dots, mice, diggers etc.!) then the wording (I Love You Mummy?) and the piece is hand painted for you.  To make it even more special you could fill it with her favourite chocolates! Make it snappy though, the last order date for Mother's Day delivery for personalised items is 22nd March!

A Picnic Set, I love this one from Cath Kidston, it's sooooo yummy! And I know my mum would love it too! However there are less expensive ones at Argos etc.  Pack up all her favourite foods and take her out for a lovely lunch to the park

Dark Engraved Chocolate Heart, £6.50, Hotel Chocolat.  I'm sure every mummy loves chocolate but probably doesn't treat herself to posh chocs very often!

Gianduja Praline
Gianduja Pralines, £14, Hotel Chocolat

A spa day.  If you're in Bristol I highly recommend the Relaxation Centre in Clifton, it's amazing.  Really peaceful, beautiful surroundings with two hot tubs, two saunas a steam room, a plunge pool and a relaxation room where you can get a cup of tea and a teacake! Lovely! One thing that mums always need and never get is a bit of time to relax! Some spas are discounted at times when they are less busy, and you can usually buy a gift voucher.  If this is a present for a new mummy, organise time off work or plan to have the time free so you can look after the baby, or organise a trusted babysitter so that's not something she has to think about, and bear in mind that if she's breastfeeding she might not be able to leave the baby for more than a few hours, so plan it well, after all you want her to be less rather than more stressed!

Fingerprint Jewellery, from about £90.  My boyfriend got me a beautiful silver heart charm with Eric's name, date of birth and handprints on a long silver snake chain for Christmas.  It's absolutely beautiful and I wear it every day, and Eric likes to grab/play with/chew on it too.  It's the nicest gift ever and would be lovely for new mummies with babies on Mother's Day!

A lovely bath product from Lush, about £3! My favourites are Ceridwen's Cauldron, Amandapondo, Big Blue, Dreamtime, Fox in the Flowers, Rainbow Worrier, Tisty Tosty, the list goes on! For a tired new mummy, run her a lovely bath in the evening with candles, bring her a glass of wine or cup of tea, be on 'baby duty' and let her relax for half an hour.  She'd really appreciate it!

A photo gift, from £7.99, Snapfish.  This is one of the things I'm going to get my mum (she doesn't read my blog, so I can tell you!) Find a lovely old, special photo of you and her and scan in a high resolution image, then order it on canvas or maybe make a little book of photos with special memories. 

 you are amazing mother's day card

Don't forget a lovely card! Paperchase and quirky galleries do my favourites, and homemade ones are always the most touching and special.  I never throw any cards away, I have boxes of them! Spend some time finding one you think she'd love rather than buying whatever's left in the supermarket in a mad panic on Saturday 2nd April!

  • and the best present of all.....

    A lie in! 


    1. A cup of tea in bed is also good (and maybe a veggie breakfast??)

    2. I had tried to include cups of tea and breakfast in bed at the end but apparently my post was too long! I hope I get a cooked veggie brekkie in bed...