Product Review: Weleda Teething Granules

Weleda Chamomilla 3 X Granules 

What are they?

Weleda Chamomilla granules are tiny little white round granules of a herb called Matricaria chamomilla radix dissolved into sucrose (a sugar) that help teething pain.  You get 100 grams in one bottle and they cost £6.95.  The granules are vegan and neither the finished product or ingredients are tested on animals by Weleda or on their behalf.  To use the granules you give the baby 1 salt spoon full of the granules every 15 minutes, for a maximum of 6 doses, until the symptoms improve, or for younger babies you can dissolve the granules into cooled boiled water.  

And what do we think?

We can tell when Eric's teething as his cheeks (or just the one cheek on the side of the mouth that the tooth is coming through on!) go bright red, he dribbles lots, he wails and is miserable and he rubs his mouth and gums and tries to touch his gum with his finger all the time.  The granules work really quickly and stop Eric's crying straight away.  Sometimes he'll start crying again within 15 minutes so we give another dose, and repeat until he cheers up and seems relieved from the pain.  I have tried Nelson's Teetha granules in the past (before finding out they weren't vegan) and they didn't work as quickly, plus you have to wait 2 hours to repeat the dose, so they don't work so quickly.  Eric seems to enjoy the taste and texture of the Weleda granules more than the Nelson's ones and he happily opens his mouth for them and moves them around his mouth.    The tiny salt spoon included in the pack is great too as it's got a deep scoop and a long handle, so Eric grabs hold of that too and gums it.  I think the granules will last a long time as you only need to use a tiny amount so they're good value for money.  The only down sides in my opinion are that they spill easily and go everywhere as they are so small, and as the spoon is so deep some get stuck in the bottom so I have to dig them out with my little finger and put them in Eric's mouth myself so he gets the full dose! I'm going to continue using these first before resorting to junior paracetamol as they are more natural and have no recorded side effects, whereas there was some recent research that infant paracetamol may cause an increased risk of asthma and allergies after the age of 5, so I am going to use it sparingly only when he REALLY needs it! I really like the Weleda granules and will definitely continue to use them, and I'd recommend them.



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