Diary: An Average Day as a Mum

Before I had Eric I didn't have a clue what being a mummy involved and had no idea what mums do, I honestly thought you got to sit around watching Jeremy Kyle drinking cups of tea all day long! So here's an example of my typical day:
6:30am alarm goes off. SNOOZE! I'm exhausted due to Eric still waking in the night. 
6:40am drag myself out of bed, shower and dress. No time to do my hair or make up
6:45am wash up the bunny rabbits bowls and water bottle, feed them and let them out in the run
6:55am make breakfast
7am Eric wakes up
7:05am cuddles and say good morning
7:10am breastfeed
7:25am play a few games in Eric's bedroom such as peekaboo
7:45am change Eric's nappy. An extremely challenging task as Eric won't lie still anymore, he instantly rolls over and wants to crawl off. He's very strong. It's a battle of wills.
7:55am Empty any poo down the toilet and fold nappy up, put in nappy pail to be washed
8am get Eric dressed. This is as difficult as nappy changing. Check weather on iPhone first to ensure appropriate layers so Eric won't be too hot or cold, outfit also depends on what we are doing in the day
8:15am make beds, put clothes in wash baskets or fold and put away etc.
8:20am get back downstairs. My cereal is now soggy and tea is cold. Remake.
8:25am, ravenously eat breakfast whilst trying to distract Eric from the interesting bowls, mug, grapefruit etc. Fail at this so he gets cereal and grapefruit all over himself, the sofa and the floor.
8:35am Clear up my breakfast things and the mess!
8:45am help Eric practice standing up and play with him. He loves noisy games like banging things so we do lots of that.
9am Prepare Eric brekkie
9:05am Feed Eric breakfast
9:45am Clear up and wash up the breakfast things. Mop floor as he gets food EVERYWHERE!
10am We often go to a playgroup, Sunday school or singing group at this time :)
10:15am Change Eric's nappy whilst out
11:30am Put Eric in bed for a nap
Whilst Eric sleeps rush around doing housework - sweeping up, tidying, putting washing on, washing nappies, drying nappies, making up nappies, folding laundry and putting it away. Try to have a cup of tea and reply to text messages!
12:35pm Eric wakes up
12:45pm Make myself a sandwich whilst Eric plays by himself, sometimes I don't have time for lunch
12:55pm Change Eric's nappy
1:00pm Make Eric lunch
1:05pm Feed Eric lunch
2pm Clear up and wash up lunch things, mop the floor
2:15pm We often go for a walk to the park, to the allotment or visit mummy and baby friends in the afternoon
3:30pm Nappy change and put Eric in bed for a nap between 3:30pm and 4pm
Whilst he naps tidy up toys and do any preperation for my dinner that I can do in advance
4/4:30pm Eric wakes up
4/4:30pm Go in the garden and see the bunnies
4:45pm play silly games with Eric like pretending to be a tiger, chasing, etc.
5pm Prepare Eric's dinner
5:10pm Feed Eric his dinner
6pm Eric watches some CBeebies whilst I clear up the dinner stuff and wash up, mop the floor
6:15pm Play with Eric with CBeebies Bedtime Hour on in the background
7pm Take Eric upstairs to his bedroom and read a couple of bedtime stories 
7:10pm Run a bath
7:15pm Undress Eric and pop him in the bath! He loves a bath so we play, pour water, wash him, brush his teeth, read bath books, practice standing up etc. 
7:30pm Breastfeed
7:45pm Cuddles, say goodnight and put Eric in bed
7:50pm Start cooking my tea
8:15pm Whilst my tea is cooking I feed the rabbits, sweep out their run and put them to bed in their hutch. 
8:30pm Eat tea
9pm Wash up, clean the kitchen
9:30pm Bit of time to watch TV, write my Blog, read, reply to texts
10/10:30pm Bath or shower and get ready for bed
11pm Go to sleep
11:30pm Eric wakes up for a breastfeed
3am Eric wakes up for a breastfeed

On top of this I have to cook a batch of breakfast purĂ©es once a week (although luckily he eats what I eat for lunch and dinner now), clean out the rabbit hutch once a week and do the weekly housework - hoovering all the floors, dusting, clean bathroom, clean kitchen, empty bins etc...it's a full time job! I wouldn't change it for the world though, I love my boy and looking after him :)

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  1. Yes I'm looking for someone to do my cleaning so I don't have to!