Review: No Muh Mildly Aromatic Cheese

I have found it! After nearly 3 years as a vegan I have found IT. The one. The holy grail of vegan cheese...a cheese that is 100% exactly like cow cheese! 

The No Muh Mildly Aromatic costs £4.70 for 200g from Alternative Stores (although it is currently out of stock because I BOUGHT IT ALL!), about the same as a really good quality dairy cheddar, and as it tastes just like a really good, strong, tasty cheddar I think this is super reasonable. I managed to make cheese on crackers twice, a jacket potato with beans and cheese, grated some on top of risotto, gave Eric some and ate a chunk straight from the packet, so it lasts longer than Cheezly for which I need half a block for a jacket potato or a full block for enchiladas, lasagne etc. 

No Muh Mildly Aromatic is the only vegan cheese I have ever tried that I would eat 'neat'! I would compare the taste to Seriously Strong or Cathedral City cheddar. The texture is the same as a strong cheddar that has been left at room temperature for a few hours (the best way to eat cheese!), it's firm like a hard cheese but not rubbery like a mild cheddar. 

No Muh also make other flavours, I tried the Piquant and the Melty. I like the Piquant as it was really strong and smelly although it was slightly garlic-y for my taste, but I wasn't a fan of the melty which was similar to Dairylea.  But now I have found the Mildly Aromatic I am in love and I will never eat another type of cheese again! 

10 out of 10!


  1. I have done my own testing; here are my conclusions:

    Melty - Dairylea

    Classic - mild Cheddar

    Walnut - mild Cheddar with walnuts

    Herb - mild Cheddar
    with herbs
    Aromatic - medium Cheddar
    Piquant - mature Cheddar
    Snack - Parmesan

    I wouldn't bother with the mild ones again, but all the rest are good. The texture isn't perfect (they're a bit grainy) but the taste is excellent for vegan cheese.

    By the way, the manufacturer told me they are basically organic, just not certified, as the herbs etc aren't certified (e.g. they pick their own wild garlic).

  2. superb review, felicity. :) i especially like the admission that it's your fault they're out of stock. here i was thinking it was mine & rat's. phew. might have to fight it out for the last packet of mildly aromatic. :) two against one...
    i plan on stocking up when i go to france in october. x