List: Vegan Alternatives For Foods You Love!

I've been asked loads recently where I get my yummy vegan alternatives from, and how I found them, so I thought I'd share my favourites with you along with where to get them! I'll constantly update and add to the list, and if you want a recommendation or have an addition please do comment! 

Chicken: My absolutely favourite 'chicken' is from Veggie World, where they sell chicken chunks, pieces, strips, legs, nuggets and even ones where it looks like half a whole roast chicken, with the leg, skin and all. The texture's fantastic and Alex says their chicken is 'worryingly realistic'. We have it in everything from pasta salad with mayo and sweetcorn, to enchiladas, to chicken and sausage cassoulet, to chicken and mushroom pie....etc. For chicken burgers though you can't get better than Fry's Chicken Burgers from the health food shop or Goodness Direct. They are soooooooooo good. Crispy crumb on the outside and amazing tasting and textured 'chicken' inside. They are really, really, really yummy!

Bacon: My favourite is Redwoods 'Streaky Rashers' which you can buy from the chiller cabinet in health food shops, Holland and Barrett, large supermarkets or online from Goodness Direct or from Redwoods. They cost about £2.25

Milk: My favourite non-dairy milk is actually Morrison's Unsweetened Chilled Soya Drink, it costs 88p. I also don't mind Alpro Light chilled. When I first went vegan though the one I liked best was Alpro Original sweetened chilled, at the time it tasted the milkiest to me, but for my taste now it's too sweet. All supermarkets usually have it!

Cream: My fave is Alpro Long Life Single Cream, which you can get in supermarkets in the Free From or UHT milk aisle. They do a chilled one and other brands make cream too, but to me they aren't as good.

Milkshake: You can still use Nesquick, it's vegan! And Alpro do great strawberry milk in little cartons with a straw that I love, from the health food store or Holland and Barrett! And if you're in Bristol, Shake King do lots of vegan milkshakes, just ask at the counter! Jammy Dodger milkshake? Don't mind if I do!

Sausages: My favourite sausages are Vegi Deli Sage and Margoram Sausages, they taste really good, and you don't even have to cook them if you don't want to so you can eat them from the pack like a snack! You get lots in the packet for £2.30 ish, and can buy them in health food shops or from Goodness Direct or Redwoods. We like them in sausage and chicken cassoulet, bangers and mash or sausage casserole. 

Chorizo: Redwoods do a great little cubed chorizo product called Cheatin' Chorizo Style Chunks. They're quite spicy and go really well with courgette pasta. They cost about £2.70 from health food shops, Holland and Barratt, Redwoods and Goodness Direct

Fish Fingers: I love Vegi Deli Gourmet Meat Free Breaded Fish Style Fingers, they are soooo realistic and take me back to my childhood. Perfect for an easy tea with peas and mash! They are so reasonably priced too, at £2.80 ish for a pack. You can buy them in Holland and Barrett, health food shops, from Redwoods or from Goodness Direct

Plain Yoghurt: My favourite is the Alpro Plain which you can buy in supermarkets. The texture is a bit smoother and thicker than other soya yoghurts (though you still need to give it a stir first!) and it tastes creamy and fresh but not gacky or 'soya-y'! 

Chocolate: Please see my separate chocolate post for my favourites! I'll put 'replacements' here though. It will eventually be a looooong list!
Milk chocolate: I would go for Organica Couverture bar, which costs about £2.50 from health food shops, Goodness Direct, Alternative Stores, Animal Aid etc. or Moo Free Scrummy Organic Dairy Free Chocolate which also costs about £2.50 you can get from Goodness Direct, VeganStore, Alternative Stores etc. Moo Free is soooooooooooo creamy. It's like Galaxy chocolate.
Milky Way: You want to Buccaneer bar which is available from Viva! or VeganStore for about £1.80. It's expensive for a small bar but so filling, I can't eat one all in one go, unlike Milky Way bars which I used to be able to knock back ten to the dozen. It tastes exactly the same and is really creamy and yummy. One of my favourites!
Mars Bar: Twilight bar from Viva! or VeganStore. Most people's favourite! It is super good.
Snickers: Jokerz bar from Viva! or VeganStore.
Bounty: Mahalo from Viva! or VeganStore!
Crunchie: Golden Crunch is AMAZING! It is crunchie, yuummy, sweet 'honeycomb' covered in dark chocolate. It's so good, you have to try it! From VeganStore or Viva! as well, for about £2.50 for a bag full.

Marshmallows: Sweet Vegan do the BEST vegan marshmallows, the texture and taste is perfect and they even come in lots of flavours such as strawberry, vanilla, coconut and they have a flavour of the month - at the moment it's cappuccino! They cost £5.50 a box and as far as I'm aware are only available from Sweet Vegan's website at the moment. They're great because of course normal marshmallows aren't even vegetarian as they contain gelatine, so buy some for the vegetarian in your life too! 

Roast Dinner: I looooooooooooooooove Cheatin' Celebration Roast! It is Christmas Dinner in a box! You get roast turkey (ready carved for your convenience!), pigs in blanket and meaty gravy for two people. It costs about £5 from health food shops, Redwoods or Goodness Direct (see how much I love Goodness Direct?! You can get everything from there!)

Cheese: I am going to have to break it down into different categories, as different brands are good for different cheeses!
Cheddar: Vegusto No Muh Mildly Aromatic, from Alternative Stores online or Vx in London is absolutely unbelievably delicious and very true to cow cheese. It's the only vegan cheese I'd happily sit there eating from the packet until the whole block's gone. See my separate blog post just about this amazing cheese!
Mozzarella: My favourite is Redwoods Cheezly Melty Mozzarella, as you can melt it really well on toast, pizza, jacket potatoes etc. It tastes ALOT better grilled. You can get it in Holland and Barrett, health food shops etc., it's really widely available.
Blue: I love Blue Style Sheese by Bute Island, it tastes really strong and is yummy crumbled into pasta with cream, brocolli and asparagus. You can get it in health food shops or from Goodness Direct.
Hungarian Smoked Cheese or  Applewood Smoked Cheddar: I loooooooove the Smoked Sheese from Bute Island. It's really good on crackers on in sandwiches! You can buy this one from health food shops or Goodness Direct too!
Cheshire: Cheshire Sheese by Bute Island is also really tasty. From health food shops or Goodness Direct

Tuna: I have just discovered Redwoods Making Waves Vegan Tuna Style Pâté which is new, and it tastes amazingly like tuna mayo! It's brilliant mixed with sweetcorn in a jacket potato! From health food shops, Goodness Direct or Redwoods online. 

Baileys: For a non-alcoholic Baileys alternative try Ecomil Hazelnut Milk! You can get it from health food shops, Holland and Barratt or Goodness Direct. It tastes so good, and you could mix it with alcohol to make a White Russian!