30 Day Challenge - Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Wow, that's a tall order for the first one! I don't know if there are as many as 15 interesting things about me... I will do my best, but some facts may just be 'things', not necessarily 'interesting things'!

1) My name is Felicity Kerstin Richards. Kerstin is a Swedish name as my Mum's side of the family are Swedish. Mum was adopted by an English family but my Grandma lived in Sweden and has connections there, so Mum has always felt a connection to her heritage. Two years ago we met Mum's biological sister, Gunnel, and other family who we now love! I love Sweden too.

2) I have a son called Eric David Cable who will be 1 next week. He was an unplanned baby but the best thing that could ever have happened to me and my life now revolves around his whims! He's amazing. He has sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes and he's a rumbustious but laid back little chap. There couldn't be a more perfect baby for me.

3) I'm a vegan, which means I don't eat anything that has ever come from an animal (meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey). It's really important to me, I would never eat any animal products again, and it's surprisingly easy!

4) I have a degree in English Literature, but I studied Law to start with. Going to university was the hardest four years of my life, but I met Alex in my final year which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been in Bristol, and now we have a family.

5) I get really obsessed with things and do them loads and loads and loads and plan a career out of it or plan my life around my exciting new hobby, then when I realise I'm not talented at it I'm onto the next thing! Surfing, playing guitar, ice skating, playing flute, playing violin, Law, teaching, fashion, wedding planning, image consultancy, Art, Jiu Jitsu...

6) I'm a real outdoorsy country bumpkin, and sometimes I feel really stifled and oppressed living in a city. I just want to go for long walks through the woods, sit in the garden listening to birds and eating cake, make our own jam to sell at village fêtes and go surfing (badly!) But Alex's family are in Bristol, I don't want to unsettle Eric, I have made amazing friends where I am now and we live on a cute tree-lined road so we're staying put.

7) My boyfriend Alex works in the oil industry, which means that he travels abroad for work and I stay at home and look after Eric. It's hard for all of us! He's away for two thirds of the year at the moment.

8) I'm a Christian and I go to Sunday School with Eric nearly every week. I take communion and Eric has a blessing.

9) I used to suffer from an eating disorder, but never got really thin, which still makes me embarrassed.

10) I'm really interested in British big cats - big cats such as 'black panthers', pumas and lynx that are spotted in the wild in the UK. It's not known how many may be roaming free in Britain (there were 2,123 sightings between 2004-2005!) but several people have admitted to setting free their pet big cats in 1976 after the Dangerous Wild Animals Act came into power (you used to able to buy leopards in Harrods!) There have been roadkills, shootings, live captures, 
video and photographic evidence and sightings and I love looking into them!

11) I'm scared of the dark. Really, really scared! I have to sleep with a light or night light on, and have chosen houses when moving on the basis there was a street lamp outside the master bedroom window!

12) I'm a Harry Potter fan. I read the books every year, in order, and every time I find something new. Hogwarts is my 'happy place', and it sounds silly but Harry Potter is really important to me! If I'm feeling upset or worried I can escape into the world of HP. I chose a module at university based on the fact we got to study Harry Potter. I enjoy the films in their own right, but don't really relate them to my readings of the books, as I can still picture the characters how they were when I first read them (which doesn't normally happen for me, usually seeing the film ruins the book which is why I haven't seen the film adaptation of Phillip Pullman's 'Northern Lights') I have dressed up to see the films although this year I'm just going to wear my 'I support the war against Voldemort' t shirt! I have never gone to the midnight première (I would have loved to this year for the last one but I have Eric now!) although I have queued to buy the book at midnight. I'm sad that it will all be over after the release of this last film, I even had a little cry about it! 

13) I'm a really sensitive person, and get upset easily. 

14) I really love flowers, and gardens. I visit open gardens when I can and have lots of plans for our garden if we buy the house. My favourite flowers are lilac, daffodils, peonies, sweet williams, stocks, lavender, jasmine, sweet peas, hydrangeas, delphiniums, hollyhocks and roses (but not red ones!) I absolutely hate it when flowers have been bred to look amazing but have no scent, I need them to smell lovely too!

15) I am training to become a childminder, and I'm so excited about it. I love babies and children so being a part of their development would be so special. I was planning to go into teaching but I want to be at home with Eric now, so childminding will be perfect (I hope!)

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