30 Day Challenge - Day 12

Day 12- How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

I heard about Blogging years ago, when I read about Blogs like 'The Sartorialist', 'La Coquette', 'Who What Wear' and 'Go Fug Yourself', and I got into 'I Can Has Cheezburger' when I was at uni! 

I started a LiveJournal in my final year of uni but it was just so I could look at ProAna blogs and share daily food diaries, photos, get 'Thinspiration' etc., as I was suffering an eating disorder.  So that experience of Blogging was very harmful, and I have closed that one now.  

It wasn't until some Facebook friends started their own Blogs and I really enjoyed reading them that I thought of starting a proper Blog myself.  I had been wanting to get back into writing and to make time to do something for myself, and I have also been planning a pregnancy/baby book, so wanted to test out some of my ideas and articles. Blogging seemed like the answer! 

I Googled 'Blogging' and thus was introduced to Blogger, and I got myself in a real twist trying to learn how to use it and make it look pretty! Now I'm happy with my Blog and I'm enjoying being 'forced' to write every day by this challenge - I will definitely try to keep up writing more regularly after the 30 days and not let whole weeks slip by again :)

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