30 Day Challenge - Day 6

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why        

My favourite super hero is Harry Potter! Now, I hear what you're saying, Harry Potter doesn't count as a super hero. Well I disagree.  Super heroes have arch enemies...Voldemort is the worst, most evil and hated villain ever! He's so frightening people don't even speak his name! Super heroes are found in comics.... well Harry Potter is from a book so that makes him the intelligent person's choice of hero! Super heroes have films made out of their stories...where have you been?! The Harry Potter films are a phenomenon! Super heroes are made into action figures...Harry has action figures, computer games, lego, stationary, wands, duvets, everything you could possibly want! Throughout the seven Harry Potter books you make a real connection with the world and the characters, and Harry is 'everychild', you can easily relate to him. It's a classic allegorical good vs evil story, but with such rich description of the setting and lots of humour.  It's loved by adults and children the world over.  Harry doesn't have 'super powers', he just has grit, determination, bravery, some talent, fate and good friends on his side, and the last battle between Harry and Voldemort is deep as well as epic.  The Chosen One is the superhero for me! 

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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-493455/Bottom-ranked-school-shoots-introducing-Harry-Potter-themed-curriculum.html And here's another reason to love this super hero!