30 Day Challenge - Day 9

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days        

I'm proud of three things from the last few days.  Firstly I'm proud that today I faced my fears and faced the dreaded allotment, and it was actually ok! The weeds were like a dense, head-high forest, covering the entire massive plot, but my friend Hayley came with me and she made me pull myself together a bit about it and get stuck in.  We put Eric down on a blanket with some snacks and toys and we managed to clear loads! We probably weeded between a quarter and a third of the plot, so I feel so much happier and more positive about it now! The time went really quickly and Hayley had to go, but I'm hoping some other friends will come with me tomorrow.  I think another 2-3 hours and it will be lovely again!

Secondly I am proud that I have enrolled on an 'Introduction to Home-Based Childcare' course, which you need to do to become a childminder.  It starts in October and is two two-hour evening sessions per week for four weeks.  It feels like a really positive step and I'm looking forward to learning, even though I think it will be very intense and hard work for a month.

Thirdly I'm proud of myself for not stressing as much about the housework as usual, as Eric's had a virus and been poorly so I haven't been able to do it.  He normally goes to nursery on Thursdays and I blitz the house, but this week he was definitely not well enough to go, so I looked after him all day instead.  As he's ill he has needed lots of lots of cuddles and attention, so I have just been with him, trying to make him feel better.  I've managed to keep on top of most of the housework during naps, but I'm proud not to have let it bother me, I just wanted to be there for my little boy!

And finally, of course, I am proud of Eric!

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