30 Day Challenge - Day 19

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

Most nicknames I have are just shortened versions of my name - Felicity.  At Primary school I was called 'Fizzy', and at Secondary school I sometimes got called 'Felicity Electricity', which is ridiculous as it is LONGER than my actual name! I used to find it really embarrassing, but now my sister calls me it and I like it :)  University friends and Alex call me 'Flic', family call me 'Fliss' or 'Lissy', and my oldest, bestest friend still calls me 'Fizzy Pops'.  She also calls me 'furious goat'.

My sister calls me Flipper or anything silly or rude such as 'Bumhead' or 'Poo' or 'Penis'.  She also calls me Fumbo, and I call her Bumbo.  Sometimes we call each other Charlie and Matty, as we like singing Busted songs together - I sing Charlie's parts and she sings Matt's parts, and we both do James.

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