30 Day Challenge - Day 22

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else     

I think everyone is unique as we all have such a different mix of characteristics, likes and dislikes, so it makes it hard to choose one thing that makes me different to everyone else.  I think there are lots of things that make us all different to each other, I don't think there have ever been or ever will be two people who are exactly the same! Some things that make me who I am are:

- I'm going to have to start of with saying my genes and fingerprints...obviously :)
- I have an extremely acute sense of smell!
- I'm quite full of dichotomies and contradictions but I don't think I'm a contrary person
- I'm a sensitive soul who cares about everything.  Things hurt me very deeply.
- I'm very proud of my little boy, I love being a mummy
- I think alot, I have a very active imagination which can be both brilliant and awful
- I can be a bit silly and mad sometimes
- I'm a vegan
- I know my own mind, I am very secure and strong willed in my opinions, but I don't force them on other people
- I'm obsessive
- I hate being cooped up indoors all day, I need to get out!
- Manners, social responsibility and politeness are REALLY important to me
- I love my home and nesting and making it cosy
- I feel really uncomfortable if my house is messy or dirty!
- I love shopping and fashion, but hate waste and things that are bad for the environment

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