30 Day Challenge - Day 28

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Last year at the Eden Project in May.... 

This year at the Eden Project in May....

So as you can see, one major difference between this year and last year is that last year I was pregnant and this year I have Eric! Having a baby has been the most intense, terrifying, lovely, amazing, hard and life-changing experience of my life! I feel like a completely different person from last year.

(Excluding the last few days when I haven't been feeling very well) I am so much happier than last year, as I have my son.  It was a big shock to find out I was pregnant as Eric wasn't planned, and though I did become happy and excited about the pregnancy I was extremely nervous about how much my life would change as a mum, and I was terrified of childbirth.  Having a baby has been a big learning curve and has taught me so much, I think I'm (generally, but not at the moment!) so much stronger, more relaxed and more confident.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a lovely boy, he's just perfect, and he makes me really happy.

Physically, I have lost the baby weight now, and I have also cut my hair.  I had it cut in November last year, and I think it was the hormones that made me think it was a good idea.  Eric also used to pull it alot and it was really painful! So I chopped it all off.  I absolutely hated it to start with and I cried for about a week.  But now it's grown out a bit I like it more.  I don't really have time to put make up on these days, and I can't believe I usually feel comfortable leaving the house without any on, I never would have been able to before! 

I also try to go to church most weeks now, whereas a year ago I didn't used to.  


  1. You look great! :) and the haircut suits you.
    I desperately need to go to the hairdressers. I'm going to have mine back to shoulder length which hopefully will stop Grace getting hold of it anymore lol xxx

  2. Thank you so much! You'd look fab with shoulder-length hair :) Just be very clear about how long/short you want it as I didn't have my usual hairdresser and he did it about 4 inches shorter than I meant! I looked like a dinner lady from the 1960's to start with! xxx