30 Day Challenge - Day 29

Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned

This past month I have learned a lot of facts from CBeebies, for example that a vacuum cleaner works using a fan which blows air out of the front of the fan and so sucks air in from behind the fan, so the back of the fan is placed facing downwards which then sucks up the dirt.  Thank you Nina and the Neurons for that fact.  I also learned that you shouldn't make plans with Alex for a Thursday because it always rains and he hates the rain and gets grumpy.  More seriously, I am trying to learn to accept who I am as a person and feel proud of the little achievements.  I am learning that nobody's perfect, and I shouldn't feel guilty for not being a perfect mum, because no parent is! We all make mistakes but it's the mistakes as well as the successes made by our parents that go towards making us who we are as adults and shapes our personalities.  I'm learning that I should just try my best and my best is good! We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, and I feel so guilty and like I'm failing Eric by not spending every second doing really fun, exciting things for him, but it was good to find out my friend also feels like this, and my acupuncturist talked to me about it and made me see that you can't give everything of yourself to your child all the time as you lose your own identity and aren't looking after your own needs, and you can't be such a good mum then.  I'm going to try to remember that and put less pressure on myself!

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  1. Besides, most children in the world don't have the time/resources to do what westerners might consider 'fun/exciting things' and they don't all grow up emotionally stunted. They might well be better off in that respect. Children learn without you even trying (as long as they aren't locked in a dark cupboard!) so love (and food!) is about the only thing you need to offer, and you're perfectly good at that.