Wish List: River Island AW11

Alex and I went to the cinema yesterday for our weekly 'date', and afterwards we popped into River Island to have a look around. Big mistake as I loved everything! Here are my favourites...but don't buy them as they are MINE! 

Gorgeous colour for Autumn and a flattering style, I'm pear shaped so A Line skirts balance me out and the mid length is good as I don't like getting my thighs out.

I love this shearling lined wrap, soooo cosy, but it is made from wool so I wouldn't buy it as vegans don't wear wool (it's cruel!) So I will be looking for similar items in other stores (maybe Primark so it's alot cheaper!)

I looooove this bag! I LOVE IT! It's so classic and the perfect size, but also really snuggly in texture as it's made from corduroy. 

I love this style, the kimono sleeves will cover up wobbly arms, and it's reasonably priced. I think you could dress it down with a long sleeved top underneath and a cardi layered over the top and belted, or you could dress it up with jewellery for a night out.

I didn't like this blouse to start with but I kept going back to look at it again, and now I think I love it! I would wear it with skinny jeans and would have it unbuttoned a bit, rather than buttoned up to the top.

These boots are gorgeous! I think I must have a thing for faux shearling! But they're leather, so I won't be buying them, as I don't agree with animal cruelty.  I will look for a similar pair in Primark or Peacocks which always have lots of non-leather boots!

I love this red colour this Autumn, and this is such a basic, wearable top that's not boring as it has the rib detailing.  And only £10!

Dark Red Skinny Jeans, £40
I have recently lost weight so I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit, so I really need some more! It's the dark red I love!

I love the colour of this and I love paperbag waists as they are super flattering and hide my mummy tummy!

I am definitely buying these as they are sooooo cheap and gorgeous!

and they come in mustard too! Mustard is going to be huge for AW11, so I am tempted to get them as well as the navy! Although I already own a few mustard colour things so maybe not...

I love this beautiful kimono top and it would look so cute thrown over jeans and a simple top, to keep warm whilst looking stylish this AW11.  I want it alot but I don't know if I can justify the price tag!

How cosy does this jacket look?! It looks alot nicer in the shop than in this picture.  It reminds me of the clothes Hermione wore in Deathly Hallows Part 1 when Harry, Ron and Hermione were hunting Horcruxes and were camping.  This makes me want it even more as Hermione in that film is my style crush!

I love music and clothing from the 40's and the burnt orange colour and pleating of this skirt really reminds me of the era. It reminds me of some of the clothes worn in Miss Pettigrew Lives For The Day (highly recommended film!)

Awwwww how cute is this?! I love it! So warm!

I love the rolled up style of these jeans, they look so comfortable and I love the colour as it's more interesting than the usual denim.  I think £40 is reasonable for jeans too.

I love this as it just looks so warm and cuddle for cold days, and it is faux fur.  I hate real fur and would never, ever wear it.  So cruel.  So I love this, but not the price tag!

Obviously I'm not rich enough to buy all of these and I don't enjoy spending money on my self as much now I have a baby, it feels selfish! But I think I'll save up for a couple of things, and buy the rest of my AW11 wardrobe in Primark (inspired by the other things I loved from River Island!)

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