List: Bucket List

Hi readers, first of all HUMUNGOUS apologies for not posting for a little while.  I have been suffering quite badly from postnatal depression, which I'll post about seperately.  I have recently felt like I'm on quite an emotional journey with some huge life decisions to make, and going through it has made me see how through fear I have been making my world smaller and smaller.  For the majority of the last few years I've avoided going out on the town, going to new places, going on trips or holidays to places I haven't visited before etc. to try and protect myself from feeling anxious and panicky.  It doesn't work as I feel like that sometimes anyway! So I want to work towards feeling strong, confident and brave again, to live fully and enjoy exciting experiences like I used to.  I know I can come through this and be stronger for having conquered my fears! With this in mind I have written a Bucket List.  Some things are smaller and easier to work towards, some will take more time, but I'm really looking forward to ticking some off and getting my life back.  Let me know what you think!

1)      Go on a horse riding holiday

2)      Run a 10k

3)      Go skiing

4)      Take Eric to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Florida with Rachael

5)      Go sailing, Swallows and Amazons style

6)      Visit family in Lund, Sweden

7)      Go in a hot air balloon

8)      Sky dive

9)      Go snorkelling

10)   Go to Paris for  Paris Vegan Day 2012

11)   Go canyoning again

12)   Go white water rafting again

13)   Learn to drive

14)   Go on zip line canopy tour in tree tops

15)   Visit South America

16)   Visit the Galapagos islands

17)   See the Northern Lights

18)   Visit Venice

19)   Visit Rome

20)   Visit the Louvre

21)   Visit Le Musee De L’Orangerie

22)   Visit Versailles

23)   See Pre Raphaelite art in galleries (Liverpool? Birmingham?)

24)   Visit the Science Museum in London

25)   Go on the London Eye

26)   Visit the National Gallery in London

27)   Write a book

28)   Visit the Cook Islands

29)   See the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Tiffany’s and Central Park in New York

30)   Visit Bethlehem and Jerusalem

31)   Read Jane Austen properly!

32)   Learn the art of vegan patisserie

33)   Feel the fear and do it anyway!

34)   Spend a weekend on a narrowboat

35)   See a catwalk show

36)   Visit and help an animal conservation project (Anna’s horses in Ghana? Big cats in South America?)

37)   Don’t do anything because you think other people would think it’s cool, do things you think are cool.

38)   Hold a vegan cake stall (unashamedly)

39)   Donate blood

40)   Be an extra in a film or on tv

41)   Win a pub quiz

42)   Be independent (earn enough of my own money to live)

43)   Have afternoon tea at the Ritz

44)   Visit Vx in London

45)   Visit Kelmscott

46)   Take Eric to the Lake District

47)   Write blog posts weekly

48)   Get married

49)   Write in my diary to Eric monthly

50)   Watch turtles hatch and head to the ocean

51)   Own a house

52)   Play piano again

53)   Have another child

54)   Make a quilt

55)   Trek to Macchu Picchu

56)   Walk over hot coals

57)   Go dolphin / whale watching

58)   Take part in the Lowland Games

59)   Be brave, calm, happy and loving

60)   Learn more about my family

61)   Become a warranted Guider
62)   Go paintballing
63)   Organise a 'speed friending' event (more about that later!)