Great Adventure # 2

For our second Great Adventure we headed to Newnham in Gloucestershire, which is where my partner used to live.  It is aaaages away from our house, about two hours, but we needed somewhere to stop off for lunch before picking up our bunnies from the sanctuary where they were being bonded, so we decided to have a picnic adventure.

I'm really glad that I 'had' to go out into the wilderness that day.  I am good at going out in the sun, rain and snow but I think if I was to be perfectly honest I don't go out often on grey days.  I don't think to, it just doesn't cross my mind.  It was a very, very grey day, but it was surprisingly beautiful! 

We walked along a path alongside the river Severn, which was a great change of scenery and felt really different.  Narrow path, wooden bridges, sand, long grass and tall reeds.  My partner also came along on this adventure which added a different dynamic! 

We found a beetle on some cow parsley and enjoyed watching it, but I did not like trying to take a photo of it as the focus on my phone camera couldn't tell which bit I wanted to focus on - the flowers, Eric or the bug!

My favourite moment was when we threw Eric into the long grass and he started rolling around, giggling, so I decided to join him and we rolled around in the grass together.  Back to nature!

On the way back we found some mole hills which Eric jumped on and excavated with his hands.  Is this sort of behaviour harmful to moles? If so we will desist next time!

We definitely enjoyed this adventure, but it was slightly marred by the busy road running alongside the river path (I didn't notice that on Google maps when we were planning where to go!)  It didn't feel as 'wild' or peaceful as last time, but I'm really glad we experienced a different environment on a grey day.  And it was heaven after being in the car for two hours!

The rules
Why don't you join us on a great adventure? All you need to do is:

  • Challenge yourself to head out into the wilderness once a week, every week - whatever the weather.
  • Leave the balls, bikes and toys at home - this challenge is all about nature.
  • Blog it and link up below - use #greatadventure on Twitter and Instagram. I'm going to be posting my great adventures from the fortnight every other Saturday or Sunday, but you can join in at any time. If you don’t have a blog but still want to join in, just post about your adventures in the comments below!

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