We Like To Read # 1

I saw the 'We Like To Read' series of posts on my friend Fiona's blog Pea Musings, which led me to Fritha's blog Tigerlilly Quinn, and I felt inspired to join in.  The 'We Like To Read' idea is that it's a collaborative project where bloggers share the books they love and are reading to their kiddie winkles.  

I absolutely love reading, it's one of the main things I enjoy in life, and I have always read to Eric, from when he was teeny tiny.  He loves books now and we always read a pile of books at bedtime and some in the morning (and if we're playing inside in the day maybe some more!) We go to the library every 3-4 weeks and it's one of his favourite places to go, he gets ├╝ber excited.  He's started to try to read to himself, making up stories that he thinks go with the pictures, which is just lovely.  Eric has lots of books, from ones that have been bought for him to ones that have been passed down, and many from my own childhood too.  I think those are the most special to share with him.  It makes me really happy to read him a book I loved as a child and see him smile and enjoy it with me.  

So you can expect to see quite a variety of books both new and old in this series!

Today's book is a new one that my partner and I bought for Eric.  It is....

'Norman The Slug With The Silly Shell' by Sue Hendra.

This is such a fun and cheerful book, with bright (but not headache-inducing) colours and exciting illustrations.  It's light-hearted, silly and feel-good.

For Eric, who is nearly 3, the book is just the right length - long enough to be interesting but not so long that he gets bored.  The pictures are eye catching and there aren't too many words per page, so it keeps his attention and he doesn't want to turn the page before I've finished reading the words.  

The story covers subjects like wanting to fit in, being different, being left out, using your creativity and persevering when you really want to achieve something, but it does this in a subtle and fun way.  It ends with the message that it's ok to be yourself rather than trying to fit in with everyone else, and that if you dare to have big dreams and ambitions, and you try hard, then life can be really fun.  

There is also a pants-related ending which Eric thinks is really funny!

Eric loves this book and he wanted me to read it three times before bed today! I would recommend it for any small people and their grown ups.

Please do check out Pea Musings, Fiona has been the original source of most of my new blog posts lately, and it is literally my favourite blog - I read it avidly and excitedly whenever there is new content! And check out Tigerlilly Quinn for all the We Like To Read posts collated together each week.

Why not join in and share what you are reading with your child?


  1. what a cute book! I'd not heard of this one before, thanks so much for joining in Eric is such a cutie!
    I love Fiona's blog too :) xx

  2. Oh I tried to comment, but it's not shown up! thanks so much for joining in! Your son is beautiful, I'll have to check this book out! xx