Great Adventure # 3

Our third Great Adventure was a back to basics local walk, just Eric and me.  We took a circular route that we walked together about six months ago.  It takes half an hour for an adult.  It took over two hours last time with Eric's little legs! This time it only took about an hour and twenty minutes, he's speeding up!

We went from our house along a cycle track by a stream and looked for frogs.  The plants were so overgrown we could barely see the stream, and there were no frogs to be found. (They must all be in our garden where we've seen three tiddlers lately!)  From the cycle path we went across the common and looked at the flowers and plants growing there.  Eric pulled up long stalks of grass to swish as we walked and found some sticks to carry too.  Then he fell in the mud so he washed his hands in a puddle.

At the top of the common is a little hill where we went through a 'tree tunnel' and looked at the light of the sun sparkling through the leaves overhead, then on to a country road with overgrown hedgerows.  

Next to the road was a little wood so we forged our way through (there was no real path) and had a little explore, but Eric wasn't that keen so we went back to the road.  

We passed a gate so I (repeatedly) lifted Eric up so he could see the view and he practiced climbing down by himself - he likes to be really independent and do things on his own now.  

Next we went past a field of oilseed rape and went to have a look at the wildflowers growing alongside the crop.  

Eric was really interested in the oxeye daisies and thought the yellow discs in the middle of the petals looked like cushions!

We splashed in some puddles then went on a path across farmland.  

We found a rabbit hole at the side of the path, and sat for twenty minutes and watched to see if we could see any rabbits or foxes  - Eric didn't want to leave and kept shouting down the hole "Hellooooo! Is anybody in there?!" We saw two bumble bees coming in and out so perhaps they lived there. 

After a long while we carried on up the hill and out onto the roadside then meandered back home through our village.  It was a really lovely Great Adventure as it was just perfect, quiet, one-to-one time with Eric.

Perhaps we'll get a warm, sunny day for our next Great Adventure and you will see us with T shirts instead of coats on for a change!

The rules
Why don't you join us on a great adventure? All you need to do is:

  • Challenge yourself to head out into the wilderness once a week, every week - whatever the weather.
  • Leave the balls, bikes and toys at home - this challenge is all about nature.
  • Blog it and link up below - use #greatadventure on Twitter and Instagram. I'm going to be going on a Great Adventure every week but posting irregularly, not always the same day, so you can join in at any time. If you don’t have a blog but still want to join in, just post about your adventures in the comments below!

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