Lush Mother's Day & Easter Products 2014 Review

I'm genuinely excited about the new range of products at Lush, so I thought I'd share my thoughts about some of the new things! ALL of the new Mother's Day and Easter products are vegan, which I'm very happy about. 
First of all I'm going to have to talk about the Golden Egg, because just look at it! It is BEAUTIFUL! Golden Egg is a bath bomb melt - an organic Fair Trade Columbian cocoa butter melt with a bath ballistic fizzing centre, so a new invention - and it is scented with Lush's Honey I Washed The Kids fragrance.  It is inspired by Cadbury's Cream Eggs, though it reminds me of the golden eggs lusted after by Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It doesn't contain any actual honey so it's vegan (woohoo!) and the scent is amazing: sweet and creamy like toffee, caramel and burnt sugar.  The cocoa butter melt makes this very moisturising and kind to skin, and it is just delightful.  
Another newbie is Rose bubble bar, which is inspired by Disney's Beauty and the Beast, awwww! It is very pretty, with iridescent glitter, and is rose-scented (of course!) with a fresh citrus hit of lemon and sweet wild orange oils.  You crumble it up under the taps as the water is running which makes mountains of soft bubbles.  I do think this is a one-bath bubble bar rather than one you can break into two or three.  If you're a Lushie then comparison-wise it's like a stronger Amandopondo crossed with Turkish Delight.  


A returning product is Carrot bubble bar in the new form of Bunch Of Carrots, which is really cute.  It's a reuseable bubble bar, with each of the three carrots being able to be used three times, and I think it's a good idea to have it as a bunch of three as you don't have to get your one carrot all soggy and making a mess between baths.  You just hold the 'leaves' and swish it in the bath, or break a third off and crumble under the taps, for masses of bubbles.  It smells amazing this year, really fresh and fruity, with Sicilian lemon oil, grapefruit oil and buchu oil, and I think it's a little bit stronger and more zesty than last year.


Secret Garden (back left) is a green and pink bath ballistic which smells so lovely, just like an English country garden, with rose absolute, rosewood oil, sweet wild orange oil and marigold, blue mallow and rose petals.  It's beautiful, really fresh, green and floral.  I prefer the bath ballistics, which you just drop into the water for scent and colour, rather than the bubble bars, and I love this one.  It reminds me of my much-missed old favourites Butterfly Ball, Fox In The Flowers and Summer Blues, so if you liked those you'll love it.

The Brightside is another amazing returning product and it is the shizz.  It's a neon orange bubble bar and it's absolutely massive.  The official line is that you can get four baths out of one, but for me it's at least six-eight! Named after the Monty Python song (not The Killers like I first assumed!) it's a really cheerful, mood-uplifting triple orange fragrance of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils and it's gorgeous.  It's SO fresh and citrusy and just scrummy.  Eric was super excited when he saw it too and said it was 'yummy', then he licked it (Ew.  Poor child).  I let him have some in his bath and he was eating the bubbles.  So it has 3-year old approval!

Wonder Woohoo is another really exciting new product, inspired by Wonder Woman's tiara.  It's a bubble bar covered in beautiful gold glimmer lustre and radiant gold lustre and smells delicious, as it's full of Brazilian orange oil, sandalwood oil and mimosa, creating a really soft, fresh citrus scent. 
There is also a new soap out for Easter called Carrot.  It's shaped like a giant carrot (unsurprisingly!) and each slice has a white bunny in the middle.  It smells really amazing, like a tropical Solero ice cream, and I think it's my favourite soap Lush have ever made.  It contains Sicilian lemon oil, bergamot oil, carrot oil and buchu oil for the fruity fragrance, alongside Fair Trade organic cocoa butter which makes it very moisturising.  Sadly Eric doesn't like it.  He thinks the bunny in the middle is like an aeroplane, so he says he doesn't like it (even though he does like aeroplanes!)
I just want to note that Lush have recently changed all the glitter in their products from plastic PET glitter to natural-origin glitters, such as mica and glitter made from agar, so they are much better for the environment.  Micro-plastics in the ocean, nicknamed Mermaid's Tears, are a huge problem, and there are campaigns by Lush and Surfer's Against Sewage which I'd highly recommend looking into. 
Have you tried any of the new products?

 * I work for Lush but all thoughts and opinions shared are fair and my own.

'Me Time' - My 10 Indulgences

Being a mum is the hardest, most amazing, tiring, emotional, funny, overwhelming thing I've ever done.  I love Eric more than anything, and I love spending time with him, but after working hard all day being a mother I do need a rest to recharge my batteries! Eric goes to preschool two and a half days a week, which he absolutely loves.  I work at least one day a week, and use half a day to do the weekly housework so I don't have to do it whilst Eric's at home, but I usually try to relax for at least some of the afternoon when he is at preschool for his half day.  Eric goes to sleep in his own bed anytime between 7:30pm and 8:45pm (he comes into our bed later in the evening most nights), depending when he's tired and what we've been doing, and I use that time in the evening before I go to bed myself to relax and indulge in a few of my favourite things.  During my 'me time' these are the things I love to do...

1) Reading. 
I absolutely love to read.  My favourite genres are children's fiction, chick lit and classic novels.  There's really nothing like the escapism and fantasy of getting lost in a good book. I have loved reading since I was a child and I studied English Literature at university in Bristol so it makes me feel like 'me' again to read.
2) Baking. 
I love to cook and bake, I usually bake with Eric but sometimes I'll bake on my own, if it's something that takes longer (like cinnamon buns!) I find concentrating on the recipe really relaxing.  My favourite baking recipe book at the moment is Ms Cupcake, it's soooooo good! But often I'll look for raw vegan recipes online so we eat more healthy options too, like my raw vegan brownies.
3) Pinterest. 
I looooooooooooove Pinterest.  So much.  If I'm stressed then I find half an hour pinning and looking through my boards so relaxing.  My Pinterest name is missfliss if you'd like to follow me!

4) Watching TV.
My favourite programmes to watch are New Girl, The Face, Outnumbered, Pramface, Bad Education, America's/Britain's Next Top Model, Great British Bake Off, Uncle, The Apprentice, Don't Tell The Bride, The Valleys and Masterchef.  Essentially anything funny, about weddings, modelling or food and I'm in!

5) Evening lie ins. 

When Alex works he is away from home, usually overseas, so I don't get the opportunity of having a lie-in.  To make up for that sometimes I will go to bed straight after Eric and have an 'evening lie in'.  I make tea and pastries like pain au chocolat (I love the Jus-Rol ones as an occasional treat!) and read books or magazines in bed for a few hours!

6) Exercise. 

Taken during a sunrise run

I've been setting my alarm to get up before Eric wakes up four times a week for the last couple of weeks and have been going out for an early morning run or doing a yoga or ballet workout DVD.  I've also been going running when Eric is at preschool for his half day.  I've really enjoyed this (more than I imagined I would!) and am feeling so much more energised and happy from the exercise, not to mention proud of the achievements.  I use the Map My Run app to record all my workouts so I can look back on the week and see my progress.

7) A bath. 

I adore having a lovely bath with a cup of tea and a good book, some chocolate or cake and a face mask on.  I work at Lush Cosmetics and some of my favourite products to use are Ayesha fresh face mask (brilliant results on my acne and fine lines!) and the bath melts and ballistics.  My favourites are Ceridwen's Cauldron, Dreamtime and Secret Garden....anything relaxing, citrusy or fresh, floral and green! I'm so excited about Lush's new Mother's Day and Easter products, keep an eye out for a post really soon!

8) Watching YouTube.  

My favourite YouTubers are Essie Button,  Gems Maquillage, Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force, Miss Glamorazzi, ZOE LDN, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman and Zoella.  Estee from Essie Button is my absolute fave, she's brilliant and so funny.  I also love the 'Raw. Vegan. Not Gross' videos on Tastemade, the 'Sex+' videos by Laci Green, videos by Those Pesky Dames and the 'Convos With My 2 Year Old' videos!

9) Seeing friends. 

I'm lucky having Alex at home at the moment as I can go out in the evening sometimes.  I have a couple of close friends in our village and usually we will go to one of our houses for a movie night.  I love getting to have a chat and catch up with them and to relax together.

10) Blogging. 
It actually takes me absolutely ages to write blog posts, so I write a little bit at a time and am just starting to be more organised with having a writing schedule.  But I do really enjoy it and I like having my own little space on the internet and to share my thoughts with people. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Great Adventure # 5

Today we went for a Great Adventure to Fyne Court, a free National Trust property about 20 minutes from where we live.  We've been before and walked the Play Trail, where Eric really enjoyed building dens, so he was excited to go today. 
Firstly we went to the den building area, and made a cracking den.  I always like to utilise a tree as part of the den.  I didn't take any pictures but I'll insert one of the den we made last time!
Unfortunately, mid-den-building Eric said he needed a poo, so we ran back to the toilets which were closed! We decided we would have to find a private spot in the woods so forged our way into a thicket of brambles, bushes and trees off the track.  I didn't have any wipes again - poos on Great Adventures with no toilet or wipes seem to be becoming a theme! We found an area and tried to get Eric to squat but after all that he decided he didn't need to go...I think a case of "I do need to go but not that much!" I'm sure this is a total overshare, but it's one of those parenting things!
We decided that instead of going back to the den-building area we would see what was beyond the woods we were in, and luckily we came out at a red marker sign pointing us to a giant log you can climb on.  Eric loved following the red markers, finding the next one and leading the way.
We played lots on the log, and Eric climbed up by himself (which he couldn't do when we were here last time in January), and at the top declared himself 'king of the castle' (I was the prince apparently). 
He thought that part of the log by the roots was like a cave, and hid in there, and we had lots of games with one of us on the log above the cave and one inside the cave, and we would shout 'that's my caaaaaave!"
From here we walked on to the next part of the trail, along a path lined with snowdrops.  We also saw primroses.
Then, instead of going onwards, Eric wanted to go back, so we found steps to lead us back to the car park via a dilapidated castle. 
We had a brilliant time exploring the castle, looking through the windows and talking about who might have lived there.  We went all around the edge of the castle and played a game where Alex and Eric would knock on the door and ask if they could come in and a monster's voice (me, hidden round the corner) would reply "no, because I'm in the bath and I'm naked!" etc.
It was lovely to get some fresh air and spend time together as a family, and for our adventure to be quite child-led today.

Great Adventure # 4

Our last Great Adventure actually took place last summer, but I haven't documented it for you as it was such an unmitigated disaster that I had tried to block it from my memory!  It's taken this long to come to terms with what happened and be able to post it for you. (It's not really that bad!)

We went to house-sit for my parents whilst they were away on holiday, in a beautiful Somerset village in the countryside, and I thought an early morning whilst Alex had a lie in would be the ideal time for an adventure.  So Eric and I left the house and walked down a narrow country lane beside a farm.  We looked at the horse and goats and chased the butterflies that were fluttering in the hedgerows.

At the bottom of the lane was a stile, beyond which was a meadow with a public footpath running through it, the perfect place to walk and enjoy the sunshine, long grasses and wildlife.  Unfortunately, Eric had other plans, and we spent half an hour at the stile, going back and forth.  He really did love climbing on that stile, and would not continue our walk at all.  I was happy for him to be practicing this skill but it did get a bit frustrating after a while!

And then he desperately needed a poo, and had to go immediately by the side of the path.  I covered it up with leaves.  And I didn't have any wipes so I had to wipe his bottom with a dock leaf.

So we went home!