Great Adventure # 4

Our last Great Adventure actually took place last summer, but I haven't documented it for you as it was such an unmitigated disaster that I had tried to block it from my memory!  It's taken this long to come to terms with what happened and be able to post it for you. (It's not really that bad!)

We went to house-sit for my parents whilst they were away on holiday, in a beautiful Somerset village in the countryside, and I thought an early morning whilst Alex had a lie in would be the ideal time for an adventure.  So Eric and I left the house and walked down a narrow country lane beside a farm.  We looked at the horse and goats and chased the butterflies that were fluttering in the hedgerows.

At the bottom of the lane was a stile, beyond which was a meadow with a public footpath running through it, the perfect place to walk and enjoy the sunshine, long grasses and wildlife.  Unfortunately, Eric had other plans, and we spent half an hour at the stile, going back and forth.  He really did love climbing on that stile, and would not continue our walk at all.  I was happy for him to be practicing this skill but it did get a bit frustrating after a while!

And then he desperately needed a poo, and had to go immediately by the side of the path.  I covered it up with leaves.  And I didn't have any wipes so I had to wipe his bottom with a dock leaf.

So we went home!

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