Great Adventure # 5

Today we went for a Great Adventure to Fyne Court, a free National Trust property about 20 minutes from where we live.  We've been before and walked the Play Trail, where Eric really enjoyed building dens, so he was excited to go today. 
Firstly we went to the den building area, and made a cracking den.  I always like to utilise a tree as part of the den.  I didn't take any pictures but I'll insert one of the den we made last time!
Unfortunately, mid-den-building Eric said he needed a poo, so we ran back to the toilets which were closed! We decided we would have to find a private spot in the woods so forged our way into a thicket of brambles, bushes and trees off the track.  I didn't have any wipes again - poos on Great Adventures with no toilet or wipes seem to be becoming a theme! We found an area and tried to get Eric to squat but after all that he decided he didn't need to go...I think a case of "I do need to go but not that much!" I'm sure this is a total overshare, but it's one of those parenting things!
We decided that instead of going back to the den-building area we would see what was beyond the woods we were in, and luckily we came out at a red marker sign pointing us to a giant log you can climb on.  Eric loved following the red markers, finding the next one and leading the way.
We played lots on the log, and Eric climbed up by himself (which he couldn't do when we were here last time in January), and at the top declared himself 'king of the castle' (I was the prince apparently). 
He thought that part of the log by the roots was like a cave, and hid in there, and we had lots of games with one of us on the log above the cave and one inside the cave, and we would shout 'that's my caaaaaave!"
From here we walked on to the next part of the trail, along a path lined with snowdrops.  We also saw primroses.
Then, instead of going onwards, Eric wanted to go back, so we found steps to lead us back to the car park via a dilapidated castle. 
We had a brilliant time exploring the castle, looking through the windows and talking about who might have lived there.  We went all around the edge of the castle and played a game where Alex and Eric would knock on the door and ask if they could come in and a monster's voice (me, hidden round the corner) would reply "no, because I'm in the bath and I'm naked!" etc.
It was lovely to get some fresh air and spend time together as a family, and for our adventure to be quite child-led today.

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