Great Adventure # 6

We took advantage of the amazing weather today and headed out to explore an area we haven't been to before called Cothelstone, in the Quantock hills.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and there were lots of other families, couples and dogs out walking, so there was a nice, friendly atmosphere.  Firstly we played a bit of rugby as we were walking along, and then we found some big sticks to use for walking sticks.  This soon descended into a game of 'lightsaber fighting'.

The path forked and Eric decided he wanted to go left rather than follow the  main path, and we found a path through the woods.  Alex received a phone call so Eric wanted to play hide and seek with me for a while.
We were looking for signs of spring, and found some gorse flowering.  It smells beautiful - like coconut!
Our path turned really muddy which made Eric happy.  Then we went through the woods to rejoin the main path and admired the amazing view over the hills. 
Eric insisted on a carry from Alex, but it was just a ruse to steal Alex's sunglasses and he immediately got down and ran off with them! He loves playing tricks at the moment.
The path forked again and Eric was really excited to find the arrows pointing which way you can go.  He chose to go left again, which would take us up to the top of the hill.  The surroundings got more rugged and Eric decided to fill his pockets with a 'collection of special stones'.  We sat and had a little rest to enjoy the sunshine and Eric counted and arranged his stones. 
We also lay on our backs and saw that the moon was in the sky as well as the sun!
We decided to carry on up to the top of the hill and were really, really excited to see a herd of wild ponies.  They stayed near us for a while, galloping around, and came really close to us.  It was amazing.
We found a pool of water which Eric wanted to paddle in, but as it was quite deep we asked him to check the depth with one of the walking sticks.  He found that really fun and that became the game. 
We were nearly at the top, but Eric was getting a bit tired so we decided to save something for next time and we came back down the hill. 
On the way down we climbed some trees.
We went home and had tea and cinnamon doughnuts in the garden, then a hot, bubbly bath and our favourite dinner (which Eric ate all of - a first!)  It was such a perfect day.

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