The Travel Book

One of Eric's favourite games with Alex is to look at the world map and point to the different countries, and Alex will say the places in lots of funny voices.  He's started to understand that when Alex works he goes to different countries and that his Grandma has just got back from travelling around America.  
Eric's been unwell for the last few days with a virus that's also given him conjunctivitis, so he has been tired and miserable.  To cheer us up today I decided to get out The Travel Book so we could look at all the countries, and it has been a surprise hit! 
The book has a page per country, with lots of information for would-be-travellers (I bought it before my gap year that never was) and the pictures are amazing.  As well as a 'top things to do' and 'top things to see' for each country, there is also a 'getting under the skin' section, with ideas of what to read, listen to, watch, eat and drink. 
Eric and I talked about the different countries we would like to go to, how you get to different places, and what it might be like there.  We made up stories about the people and the locations in the pictures. 
One of Eric's favourite countries to look at was Finland and he said he'd like to go to the United States.  I still dream of going to French Polynesia, the Cook Islands and the Galapagos islands (I'll get there one day!)

I'd definitely recommend this book to those planning a trip.  It's not as in depth as the individual Lonely Planet or Rough Guides, but it's brilliant for inspiration and fantasy.  And great for learning about travel and different places with your kiddos, or as the backdrop for making up stories.  Have you got this book? Let me know what you think!
Hopefully he'll feel better soon!

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