Funny Things Said By Eric - My 100th Post

I can't believe this is the hundredth post I've published, I feel very proud! To celebrate I thought I'd share a small collection of some of the funny, strange and unintentionally offensive things Eric has said in the last 2 years.

Eric: "I like 5 vegetables."
Me: "Oh, that's great, which ones?"
Eric: "Pitta bread, Coco Pops and Rice Crispies."

"Look in the toilet! There's a wee wee party with a bouncy castle made of poo!"

"If you put your finger in the soup you'll get an electric shock."

"Mummy! Do you want to have some naked time? 'Cause being naked is fun!"

"I didn't like it when I was a baby in your tummy.  I didn't like sinking in the water."

When meeting the Gruffalo: "I think it's a human, it's got human eyes." (Ha! There's no getting past him!)

"Go away Mummy, your skin is all stinky." (Gee thanks.  Apparently not a fan of my hemp hand cream)

"I want a gun from Father Christmas. A real gun, not a pretend gun."

Eric: "I've got the biggest spoon."
Alex: "I've got the biggest mouth."
Eric: "Don't worry Mummy, you've got the biggest tummy."

"I love fingernails, they're my favourite."

"Mummy! I want to make you a bit, bit more smaller so I can give you a piggy back."

Me: "Eric, what would you like for breakfast?"
Eric: "Why can't we just go backwards?"

Me: "Its important when you're older to find a job you really like."
Eric: "I want to go in the mountains again."
Me: "Oh, when did you go in the mountains before?(!)"
Eric: "It got me in the cheek!"

Eric on his birth: "I came out your tummy, booop booop booop, then I went down your trousers, then I cried, then I was like a snowman!"

Eric: "Mummy, you look like a princess."
Alex: "What do I look like?"
Eric: "A seesaw."

Me: "What would you like for breakfast?"
Eric: "Cheese porridge, not berry porridge."

Eric: "My want dog."
Me: "What do you mean? You want an actual, real life dog to come and live in the house with us?"
Eric: "Yes. My want a dog."
Me: "Aw, no, sorry, we're not going to get a dog."
Eric: "Cat?"

Eric was pointing at my acne when he was little, which is usually upsetting as children can be so brutally honest, but then he said "Mummy spots leopard." which was so lovely!

When I was eating my dinner fairly fast Eric made an 'oinking' noise. 
Me: "Oink? What do you mean?"
Eric: "Pig."
Me (incredulously): "Are you saying Mummy is eating like a pig?"
Eric: "Yes, pig. Mummy a pig."

"Mummy's boobies like a monster."

"Daddy's got a big one, and meatballs." (Nipples!)

And finally, the best bit about a Pre Raphaelite exhibition we went to last year, Eric loudly asking: "Is that you Mummy?" at this painting!

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