Mother's Day Weekend In Pictures

I had such a lovely Mother's Day weekend so I thought I would share it with you in pictures.  On Saturday morning I had a lie in and then we went to the beach for a picnic, play and splash about.  It was really warm weather so felt like being on holiday and it was just a delightful time.  It was brilliant to have a proper run around with Eric and spend some quality time together as I've been working a lot lately.  The beach is by an old fashioned steam railway station so we went for a little explore there.  We drove home along the coast then across the hills.  When we got home Alex went to buy vegan pastries for Sunday morning and Eric and I went to play at the 'Bristol tree', a big tree near our house.  We met a cat which we played with and I rescued it from a tree.  Eric was truly enamoured.  We had dinner then a bubbly bath and read stories about the beach/seaside.  On Sunday morning we went to the Mothering Sunday service at church.  The men and children played games in the big hall (I am a tiny bit jealous!) and the women had some quiet time in the small hall looking at women in the Bible whilst eating pain au chocolats.  Afterwards we had lunch then went to my Mum and Dad's house to celebrate.  We exchanged cards and presents (my Mum & Dad and sister had both bought me cards and presents too which was so unexpected and thoughtful) and sat in the garden in the sunshine.  Then we went for a walk.  Dad, Eric and Alex went to the playground and my Mum and I went round the village and along the river.  It was great to spend some time with her on Mother's Day.  My sister introduced us to her new beau and he seemed great.  Then my Dad went to pick up my Grandma and I cooked a vegan roast dinner for everyone.  It was such a wonderful weekend!




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