Our Easter Weekend in Pictures

We had a lovely Easter weekend so I thought I'd share some pictures with you (and one from the weekend before!)
On Palm Sunday we met a beautiful rescue donkey.  She led the procession from outside our church service up to the church land.  She was born in Sri Lanka and live exported on a ship for the meat industry, but was rescued and rehomed in the UK.  She was a very friendly and chilled out girl, and apparently her favourite food is still palm. 

Good Friday was the last day of my bestest friend Rachael's visit (separate post coming soon!) Eric and Rah Rah played a game of 'catching the bad guys' in the morning before she had to go.   

In the afternoon Alex went to Bristol to watch the rugby whilst my Mum, Dad, Eric and I went to Hestercombe Gardens for an Easter egg hunt.  It was actually very long, taking in nearly all the gardens, but Eric managed the whole trail.  It was great to see more of the gardens than we'd seen before in one go, and I was impressed by Eric's stamina! The clues were very tricky but he got them all and at the end he proudly swapped in his question sheet for a dairy-free white chocolate bunny (I had sneakily given it to the member of staff moments before.)

On Easter Sunday Eric had breakfast in bed for the first time...

...and then we headed downstairs to find our Easter Eggs.  And we possibly ate some.  Just a bit.


Eric and I went to church and then straight afterwards I drove us the hour's drive to my Mum and Dad's house (only the second time I've driven the long journey so I was proud!) for a family meal.  My Mum, Dad, sister Magdalena, her new beau, my Grandma, my cousin Sara, her partner Nigel and her two children James and Elsa, Alex, Eric and I were all there so it was a full house! It was the first time I had met Sara and Nigel's new baby, Elsa, which was very special.  Eric was really excited to play with James, who is the same age as him.  After we ate lunch, the boys ran around the garden finding Easter eggs hidden by Mor Mor (which is what Eric calls my Mum.  It is the Swedish word for your Grandmother on your Mother's side, 'mother's mother').

It bucketed down with rain so we chilled out inside with cups of tea and the boys played with the Dala horses.   
Bank Holiday Monday was my 29th birthday.  I had a rare lie-in in the morning reading Enid Blyton then a bath - heaven! Eric and Alex made me a rhubarb and custard cake and my friend Lucy made me a chocolate cake, which was a lovely surprise! I received lots of amazing and thoughtful presents which was completely unexpected as I really did think I wouldn't be getting any this year.  I felt very lucky and cared-for indeed.

My Mum and Dad gave me a year's membership to Hestercombe, so we went there again for the afternoon.  It was so warm, sunny and relaxing.  Eric and I rolled down the steep lawns, sang '5 Currant Buns' in the Orangery and played 'avoid the librarian like in Monsters University' where we silently sneaked around the rills in the formal garden. 



We also saw bats roosting on the batcam.  Here is Eric "hanging upside down like a bat". 
It was a perfect long weekend.  What did you do?

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