We Like To Read # 3 - The Islanders

Lately we've been really enjoying reading The Islanders by Helen Dunmore. 

It's a brilliant story of childhood adventure, freedom and friendship set beside the sea, and reminds me of holidays in Cornwall when I was a child.
Rebecca Cobb's watercolour and ink illustrations are beautiful, quirky and charming.  The text is a bit longer than the picture books Eric used to prefer, which holds his attention now that he can concentrate for longer on a story, and he gets really involved with what's happening.

The story has made Eric feel more adventurous and independent.  After reading the book he wanted to go out at night on his own, so we compromised and he had a daytime adventure.

Eric has been especially taken with the 'Wild Interior' that Tamsin and Robbie build and explore on their island.

I would really recommend this book.  It's one we got from the library but I'm going to buy it for Eric's birthday, and I know it will be a favourite for a long time.
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  1. what a beautiful book! I've not heard of it before, thanks so much for linking up! x