Great Adventure # 7

For our Great Adventure this week we had one of my best friends in the whole world, Rachael, staying with us, and we all decided to go to Fyne Court.   
When we arrived we played hide and seek for a little while.  Eric's also really into climbing so he climbed onto a tree stump "all on his own".

We had a picnic lunch then Eric wanted to do some more climbing on a fallen tree trunk.  I'll admit my heart nearly stopped a few times as it was super high, and I stayed nearby, but I think it's important to let him test his skills and be independent. 
Next we came to the woods and we started to build a den.  Rah Rah helped Eric climb some trees. 
We found an even taller fallen tree and Eric really enjoyed scrambling up and climbing it, and walking along the top holding hands with Rachael.  I was having kittens.  He got absolutely filthy slithering up and down!  

We followed the red arrows until we got to the stream, where we secretly scoffed at a naughty family who were ignoring all the signs requesting visitors not walk in the stream so as not to disturb the silt bed.  We dabbled our fingers in the water instead.


Eric found a ladybird and wanted to let it crawl on to his hand.
And he had a vegan white chocolate covered strawberry for a snackerel. 
We came to the pond and we lay looking into the water for a while, looking at all the wildlife.
We were all pretty tired so we decided to call it a day and head home. 
Have you been on any Great Adventures lately?


  1. We have had many great adventures. On our most recent adventure my three year old discovered purple house that was sitting all alone, she called it the Hansel and Grettle
    House cause it did look delicious.

    1. That sounds amazing! Eric would be so excited to find a Hansel and Gretel style house, and so would I (especially if it was made of gingerbread!) Thank you for your comment