My Summer Bucket List

With summer fast approaching I've been wishfully thinking of warm sunny days and the fun things I want to do with Eric during these 4 months before he starts school, so I thought I'd share them with you in the form of a bucket list.  There's no particular order and I'm not going to stress to complete them, or organise them, but these are the things I imagine us doing.

1) Play in the fountains at Millennium Square in Bristol.  We did this on a boiling hot day last summer and it was glorious.

2) Go out in the dusk and watch the stars come out.  There have only been a few occasions so far when Eric has got to see the stars, as before now he would usually be asleep too early or we haven't really been out in the dark in the winter, so I think this would be really special for him.  We can sit out, cuddled in blankets, drinking hot chocolate and then he can go to bed all late and excited (yes I did do this last year when my best chum Katie came to visit and we saw shooting stars!)

3) Take Eric to VegFest in Bristol.  VegFest is the best.  That rhymed, I'm a poet and I know it! I love for Eric to spend time with other vegan children, and VegFest is also super fun, with lots of activities for kiddos.  And the food! Oh the food. 

4) Have a bonfire.  Although we've taken Eric to events on Bonfire Night, we haven't had a bonfire of our own with him yet.  I think it will be so lovely to have a bonfire in our garden and make baked potatoes and toast vegan marshmallows on sticks, to mark the end of the summer before he starts school.

5) Take the steam train to the beach.  An old fashioned steam train has a station in a village nearby, and you can take the train to the beach.  I can't wait to pack up a picnic including lashings of ginger beer and feel all Enid Blyton on a day trip to the beach together. 

6) Go camping.  We're not going to be able to go on a family holiday this year but I'm hoping we'll be able to go camping for a night somewhere local (or if not then in the back garden!) The first time I went camping was on a Guide camp, and my childhood holidays were mostly camping in Cornwall.  I loved it, those were the halcyon days and the best memories.  I can't wait to share that with Eric, and the excitement of his first night sleeping in a tent! 

7) Fly a kite.  We've recently been given a brilliant kite, so on windy days I can't wait to fly it with Eric.  I used to go to a kite festival every year with my Dad so I think it'll be really nostalgic.

8) Paddle in the stream.  We have a stream that runs near our house, and I think it will be lovely to paddle in it in the summer, exploring barefoot, making dams and looking at the wildlife. 

9) Go to London.  This is one thing I'm not sure will happen as it's so very expensive! We went last year for a day trip on the train to see an exhibition at Tate Britain, had lunch at a raw vegan restaurant and wandered (well, stomped as we were late, for an hour and a half so everyone was very tired and grumpy except me!) through Chelsea (so I could see the sights and feel all Made In Chelsea).  If we're able to go again I'd love to take Eric to the Natural History Museum or the Science Museum (very fond memories of visiting with my best friend Rachael when we were children!), stroll around and there are many, many vegan places I want to eat at!

10) Enjoy quality time together doing things Eric loves: making dens and forts, playing with Lego, dressing up and acting out Robin Hood and Cinderella, playing hide and seek with his Roll-A-Scare monsters, playing board games, kicking the ball around, going to the Bristol tree, having cushion fights...where I give him my focussed and loving attention, for this last little while.

If your little one is starting school in September, what things do you have planned over the summer? Let me know in the comments!

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