Rah Rah's Visit

Last week my oldest (as in she has been my friend for longest amount of time, 24 years, not as in she is ancient!) friend Rachael  (AKA Rah Rah) came to stay for a wondrous 3 days.  We haven't seen her since just before Christmas and it's the first time she's visited us in our new house so I was really looking forward to  seeing her and showing her around the block.  Eric was SUPER EXCITED about her coming and had to have a little chart to count down and cross off the days until she would be here. 
He also decorated the path in front of our house with pavement chalks in her honour.   When Rah Rah arrived Eric gave her a house tour which involved him showing her lots of his games and how to play them (essentially making her play them with him.  Sneaky).  She had bought him a giant bubble wand so we made huge bubbles in the garden for a bit and tried to pop them 'before they flew to Wonderland'. 
After a spot of lunch we headed out for a walk around the village, showing Rah Rah Eric's preschool, his new school for September and spending a bit of time at the playground.  Watching my best friend and my child play together is always really special. 

Then we went to the 'Bristol tree', Eric's favourite place to play in the village.  On the way we spotted the tyre from the broken tyre swing so we rolled it along and decided to try to rig it up again.  This was a mammoth task and took absolutely ages but I'm quite a determined person (understatement!) and we were successful in our mission.  We went home for tea and Eric went to bed, then Rach and I went out for a sunset walk through the countryside so we could have a proper chat and catch up (leaving Alex looking after Eric, don't worry!)
The next day we decided to go to Fyne Court so we could have a picnic, make dens and climb trees.  I thought this would be an ideal Great Adventure for the week too.  The drive there was a bit of a hair raising one for me as there was a steep drop on one side of the road and I didn't really know the way, but we made it! When we arrived Eric wanted to play hide and seek for a bit. 

Then we were all hungry so we decided to have our picnic early and found a beautiful clearing surrounded by trees, with lots of flowers dotted in the grass.

After eating our picnic we followed the red arrows to a ginormous fallen tree and Eric enjoyed climbing up and crawling along the top all on his own. 

Next we came to the woods and Eric and Rah Rah did some tree climbing together.  We also found a tree with a big hole in it's trunk at the base, so we were speculating who might live there and Eric was bashing a stick inside shouting "HELLOOOO?" while Rach did the voice of the occupant.


We found an even bigger fallen tree and Rach and Eric climbed it and walked along the top.  I tried climbing it too but I went dizzy and had to get down, heights aren't my favourite (although I try not to seem wimpy about them with Eric!)

We carried on following the red arrows until we got to the stream, where we dabbled our fingers in the water.  Very cold.

We played on some of the obstacles along the trail and made woodland music (heh heh, that sounds rude!)


Eric found a ladybird and he wanted to hold it on his hand. 


We ended up at the pond and we lay looking into the water for a while, admiring the pond skaters.  Eric dipped his hair in and thought it was hilarious. 

After such a lovely afternoon we were pooped and decided to go home.  The drive home was much easier as we remembered the way back and the steep cliff was on the other side of the road! We got home and curled up to watch our old favourite Tangled.  Annoyingly I had a headache which was very frustrating as I just wanted to enjoy our time together! At bedtime Rah Rah read Eric some stories.

When Eric was asleep Rach and I chilled out for the evening with face masks on, eating chocolate and watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  It was so nice and made me miss living closer to her and how we used to be able to do that all the time.  We played a few games of GeoGuessr too!

On Friday morning we had a few hours before Rachael had to go, so we played a big long game of 'catching the bad guys' and putting them in jail.  We went to the Bristol tree on the trail of the baddies.  We took it in turns to be the baddy or the policemen/spies.  Eric's crimes were always 'stealing chickens' or 'hitting a cat'!

And then Rah Rah had to go home! I was really upset for a while afterwards, I always miss her a lot when she goes.  But I know I'm lucky to have a friend where every time we see each other we pick up where we left off and everything feels as relaxed and easy as if we only saw each other yesterday.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her in a few months. 

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  1. I'm sorry about your headache. Other than that, it sounds like you, Eric and Rah Rah had lots of fun.