Summer Holidays and Starting School

Unbelievably the summer holidays are nearly over.  The first week dragged and it was difficult to get used to looking after and entertaining my bright spark 24/7, but since then the weeks have flown by, and Eric will be starting school in just two weeks.  

We've done some lovely things during the summer: we've been to the beach, to the woods, to Bookbarn, for picnics, to VegFest, walking in the Quantocks, to the cinema to watch How To Train Your Dragon, to Hestercombe, to a fun fair, played Badminton at the local courts, been for a bike ride on Eric's new bike, to a steam rally where he had his face painted for the first time, it was Eric's birthday and he had a Peter Pan themed birthday party.


But there have also been many, MANY 'normal' days of just being at home, doing normal things like housework, playing and watching films, which has felt disappointing. There are some things from my Summer Bucket List that we haven't completed: going to London, going on the steam train to the beach, paddling in the stream, having a bonfire and going camping.  I'm going to make sure we camp out in the garden next week and if the weather's warm again we'll be in that stream! I'm trying to remind myself that it's ok it hasn't gone exactly like I imagined, things were bound to be different as we're getting used to being a single parent family, and I'm trying to remember that life doesn't end when Eric starts school...we'll still have time to do fun things together! 

Eric's really excited and looking forward to going to 'big school', but it's a bittersweet feeling for me.  I'm mostly really excited for him, he's such a sociable little soul and he loves to play, I think he'll relish the learning opportunities at school as he's clever and inquisitive and needs a lot of interaction.  He loves to plan things and know what's happening in the day so I think the structure of the school day will work well for him.  I don't think he'll miss me too much as we have quite a strong bond and I think he's secure and confident due to that attachment.  He's had lots of sleepovers lately without me: at his Daddy's, his friend's and my Mum and Dad's  house, and he has been fine and loved it.  But I know I will miss him.  Change is hard.  

I will be working more from October which I'm really happy about, and after the intensity of parenting during the summer holidays I think it will be nice to have some time to do housework and some 'me time' again whilst he is at school, so I can recharge my batteries and be able to give my all at home and work.   

A few days ago we bought Eric's new school uniform, which I was so looking forward to, but was in fact very stressful as town was so busy and everything had run out! Eric excitedly chose a pencil case and pencils, and some Usbourne Wipe Clean Alphabet and First Numbers books, which we've been looking at together.  I've been ironing and sticking his name tags onto everything.

It's going to be a happy but emotional moment seeing him in his new uniform the morning of his first day of school, and hearing about his first day.

Do you have children starting school for the first time? Let me know how you feel about it in the comments!