Lush Christmas 2014

I've started planning Christmas now and am getting really excited.  I probably shouldn't have shared this excitement with Eric quite so soon, as now every day when he wakes up he asks if it's Christmas yet.  Luckily Lush are excited about Christmas too and they launched their Christmas range on the 3rd of October (meaning I've had a little while now to try things out and give you some informed reviews!)

The Christmas range is inspired by three themes: Nordic Pop/German Techno, City of Gold and Storyteller, so expect lots of neon, gold and whimsical, fairytale inspired gifts (and of course lots and lots of Snow Fairy!) This year Lush have invented a self-preseving shower jelly meaning that (except for the shower gels) this year's Christmas products are all self-preserving (so no parabens or chemical preservatives).  This year's soap range is all petrochemical-free and four of the soaps are 100% palm oil free (the others are still made with Lush's palm-free soap base but palm oil is involved in the processing.)  Even better, all the cocoa butter and cocoa powder is Fair Trade! 

I am only going to review things I have actually tried, this isn't the full range, there are many, many more products!  So without further ado...

Yog Nog soap
Inspired by egg nog (but vegan!), Yog Nog soap is sooooo creamy and soft and moisturising.  It is dusted with cocoa powder and nutmeg and smells warm, creamy, sweet and spicy.  It reminds me of butterscotch.  Yog Nog contains moisturising, protein-rich soya yoghurt, so it's the perfect soap going into Autumn to really help dry, chapped, weather-worn hands.  This soap is 100% palm oil free.  It's what we have in the bathroom now and I'm loving it so much, I'm going to have to stock up when I run out.  I licked it and it tasted nice for about 2 seconds, but then soapy.  Just so you know.

Reindeer Rock soap
I adore this soap, it's sooooo pretty! It's a beautiful rich, deep red colour, perfect for Christmas, and decorated with reindeer (inspired by ancient Scandinavian cave carvings).  It is then dusted with raspberry sparkle dust and snowflake lustre.  All the glitter Lush use now is PET plastic-free, and is made either from minerals or seaweed.  Reindeer Rock shares the fragrance of The Comforter bubble bar, with bergamot, cassis, and cypress oil, but to me it's ever so slightly different...I'm not a fan of The Comforter but I love this.  I think it's more berry-ish and Christmassy.  The half-Swede in me loves that this contains lingonberry infusion as it's main ingredient (as we love lingonberry sauce with our Christmas dinner!)

Baked Alaska soap
Baked Alaska is the zestiest, freshest, citrussiest soap in existence with organic lemon myrtle and grapefruit oil.  It smells amazing (like Snow Globe!) It's soooooooo refreshing and brilliant for a morning shower when it's still dark outside and you have to get up for work and the school run.  It's designed to look like a giant snowball with lights shining from the inside, inspired by the amazing Slava's Snowshow, and when you cut into it the brightly coloured centre is revealed...wooo! 

Snowman Fun kit
This is such a brilliant idea.  Lush's Fun is a 4-in-1 product that is squishy and mouldable, like Playdoh.  You can make models with it, make bubbles in the bath by using it like a bubble bar, use it like a soap in the bath or shower and you can wash your hair with it.  10p from the sale of each £5 bar goes to the FunD, making safe spaces for children to play in Fukushima, Japan after the 2011 nuclear disaster there.  This particular bar of Fun is even more special as you get a large chunk of white Fun, a small chunk of orange Fun and a small chunk of black Fun, so you can make snowmen! It also smells scrummy, with fruity buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils  (like Carrot soap and bubble bar).

Butterbear is an absolute delight.  THE CUTEST BATH BOMB EVER! It is a very gentle, white, vanilla scented polar bear full of cocoa butter chunks (like Butterball) so ideal for children, those with sensitive skin, those with eczema, and...well... everybody because just look at him! And he only costs £1.95! Absolute bargain.

Holly Golightly
Eric calls this one 'Christmas Dinner' and asked "will I be able to fly?" when we had this bubble bar.  I have no idea why.  It is an absolutely ginormous bubble bar and costs £4.75, so it's great value for money (I got about 5 baths out of mine, though it's really designed for 2-3).  You break a bit off, crumble it up under the running bath taps and it creates mounds of soft, long-lasting bubbles (perfect for making Father Christmas bubble beards).  It smells sooooooo cosy and warm and festive.  If you like Hot Toddy, it's the same spicy cinnamon leaf, clove leaf and sweet orange oil fragrance.  I think it smells like cola too.  It is absolutely coated in ice blue lustre and silver glimmer lustre glitter and when you pick it up it does seem really sparkly, but that doesn't translate so much in the bath (fortunately!)

Dashing Santa
Dashing Santa is the bath bomb that Eric chose for his treat.  He looks like a flat, golden-footed Father Christmas carrying a gold present and running, inspired by the Liverpool Santa Dash race that Mo, one of Lush's founders, got accidentally caught up in whilst wearing red! Dashing Santa has faster fizzing ballistic mix feet so he zooms around the bath a little bit, making lovely creamy foam.  He smells cheerful, citrussy and uplifting with bergamot, orange flower and mandarin essential oil.  

Snow Angel
Snow Angel is such a pretty bath melt, a beautiful white, shimmery angel, dipped in gold melt with radiant gold lustre.  She smells of the marzipan from the Christmas cake, like Snowcake soap...really sweet, creamy, and slightly floral, with benzoin resinoid, rose absolute, gardenia extract and cassie absolute.  As this is a bath melt rather than a bath bomb or bubble bar it is full of cocoa butter and very moisturising.  The white half fizzes quickly and foams whilst the gold half melts slowly.  You just chuck the melt under the hot tap as the bath is running or plonk it in once you're in the bath.  Eric calls this one "Fairy wings jam hunter"!  

First Snow
First Snow is such a lovely idea...a dusting powder that is reminiscent of the first, shimmery, powdery snow of the year.  It contains snowflake lustre and Geopearl crystal glittering rainbow (what an awesome name for an ingredient!) making it lovely and sparkly, perfect for Christmas parties! You just dust it on to your skin and rub it in, or I like to use it after Celebrate body lotion as the sweet orange, cognac and lime scent of First Snow layers so well with Celebrate!

Celebrate Body Lotion 
Celebrate Body Lotion has returned but this year it is self-preserving which is exciting! It's a very rich, comforting, creamy lotion with an uplifting, citrussy scent that really does make me think of Christmas parties.  It contains lots of almond oil, Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and glycerine to moisturise, with Brazilian orange, lime and cognac oils, orange flower absolute and tincture of Benzoin for the scent. I feel like it's a teeny tiny bit sweeter, spicier and more gourmand than last year, smelling even more like the clementine at the bottom of your stocking whilst you can smell the Christmas pudding starting to cook in the kitchen downstairs! The citrus oils in Celebrate, whilst amazing smelling, aren't perfect for the sensitive, post-shaving skin on my legs, (I'll stick with my tried and trusted Sympathy for the Skin for my poor, dry leggies!) but this is beautiful on my arms and boobs!

Santa Baby Lip Tint
Santa Baby lip tint is a really moisturising, cola-flavoured lip colour containing such beautiful ingredients: Fair Trade shea butter, extract of cinnamon stick and mandarin, organic rose hip oil, extract of cherries and dates, safflower oil, Cupuacu butter, Persian lime oil...the (quantitive, in English as well as latin) list goes on! I was surprised by how amazingly pigmented and long-lasting this lip tint is, much more like a lipstick than a tinted lip balm, and I like to just smudge it on with my finger.  

So White shower gel
So White is back this year as a shower gel as well as a bath bomb, and it is soooooo fresh, crisp and apple-y.  I really like this shower gel and have been reaching for it most mornings.  I'm not really a fan of fruity smells, I usually find them too sweet, synthetic and cloying but this is really just like a real, juicy apple...very refreshing and not too sweet.  It contains snowflake lustre so it's all shimmery, as well as rose water and rose absolute which leave your skin really soft. 

Hot Toddy shower gel
Another new shower gel this year is Hot Toddy, and I think I was the most excited about this product out of all of them! It's a deep red shower gel flecked with gold glimmer lustre and smells so warm, cosy and Christmassy.  It contains clove leaf, patchouli, lime, cinnamon leaf and sweet orange oils alongside benzoin resinoid, fresh organic lemon juice and ginger infusion so it's really spicy and sweet.  It also contains Fair Trade aloe vera gel so it's really soothing for the skin.  I've really enjoyed using this on colder mornings, after a run or to get me in the festive mood.  It is also perfect for pairing up with Holly Golightly or Cinders in the bath! 

Snowman Jelly
I think Eric's favourite product this year is definitely the Snowman Jelly.  It is a super-cute, seaweed based jelly that lathers up in the bath or shower, shaped like a snowman! It has the same fruity buchu, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oil scent as the Snowman Fun kit (so they're great to use together) which is great for boosting your mood in the cold, dark winter.  Eric thinks it's absolutely hilarious as it is so wobbly and slippery in the bath that he can't hold onto it...He laughs his head off!

Have you tried any of the new Christmas products? What's on your wish list? Please share in the comments!

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  1. holly golightly is my absolute fave! i work at Lush High Wycombe and we're all blown away by this years range too. oh and yog nog, i've definitely thought about taking a bite!
    i've just set up a new blog all about the life of a lushie, would love if you checked it out too :)
    Cydney x