A Rare Day Off

Written on 2nd April, 2015

As it's the Easter Holidays, Eric has split his time between spending a week with me, and spending a week with his Dad.  He's at his Dad's house this week, and I've really missed him.  I've planned all the things I hope we'll get to do next week, and I can't wait for that first cuddle and to tuck him into bed at night.  Whilst Eric's been gone I've worked or spent time with Dan and his children every day... but today, just today, has been a rare Day Off.  

I do really crave time to myself sometimes.  I love spending time with Eric, and Daniel, and my friends, but sometimes I just feel the need for quiet and solitute, and to feel like 'me' again.  

So today has been a joy.  I went out for dinner with Dan last night, as I knew I wouldn't be woken up at the crack of dawn.  I got up later than usual, as I didn't have anyone else to get ready.  I had a quick bath, and a green smoothie, chucked on some clothes and could get straight out the door with no fuss or anybody else's shoes to put on.  I drove to the park and ride bus and went into town.  I had an acupuncture appointment and I fell asleep on the couch, under the blanket and heat lamp.  I didn't have anywhere to be, or any time constraints, so I ambled around the shops and the farmers market for a while, before buying some food for lunch.  I went home and made an epic noodle bowl, full of vegetables that Eric wouldn't have enjoyed eating.  I ate it on the sofa and watched a TV programme about Tom Felton from Harry Potter.  I read my book.  I got to write, for the first time in months.  I snacked.  I borrowed next door's cat for a cuddle.  I went for a walk to watch the sunset, heard the birds singing goodnight, sneaked a peek into people's lit windows (one of my favourite things to do), just because I could pop out in the evening without abandoning a sleeping child.  

I feel centred and inspired again, and like I am more than just the sum of my parts - mother, girlfriend and work colleague.  I am Me, too.

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