Vegan Tuck Box Unboxing

One of the first presents Dan ever bought me when we had just got together was a Vegan Tuck Box - a box containing a surprise selection of 10-12 new, hard-to-find, exciting vegan snacks.  I was so thrilled and excited, the snacks inside were amazing and he'd also included a little love note in the box.  I realised at the time that he's a keeper! 

I decided this month to get us another one to cheer us up as it's been a hard few months and I had to have surgery at the beginning of March, I thought a Vegan Tuck Box would be the ideal pick-me-up! Also we both work in retail and have long hours on our feet, so snacking at work is essential, and we were excited to try some new things.

We were really excited to open the box and there were so many goodies inside, I was a bit surprised as I hadn't really realised you get so much for your money.  We were happy that there was a good range of healthier, raw snacks for me, and naughty, indulgent snacks for Daniel.  To be honest it was quite difficult not to eat them all then and there!

My favourite snack in the box was the Yummy Scrummy raw chocolate brownie.  It was so delicious and the perfect combination of textures with the squidgey brownie inside and cracking raw chocolate outside.  As I'm healing from being unwell I am trying to eat alot more raw food (and I have given up sugar for Lent), so it was especially lovely to be able to have a sweet treat. 

Daniel especially loved the JJ's Sweets Cocomels, which are coconut milk caramels covered in dark chocolate.  They were amazing, sweet and chewy, and tasted exactly like Quality Street toffee fingers (which I must confess I miss!) so I was very happy to discover these too! 

I also couldn't get enough of the Golden Apple Organic Raw Onion and Garlic crackers, which are savoury, garlicky delicious and healthy little square crackers.  They were so, ridiculously more-ish, every time I went past the cupboard I couldn't resist dipping into the packet for a few more squares.  I'm genuinely surprised they lasted the 3 or 4 days that they did!  

We also both really loved the Sarelle Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Wafer bar.  I love wafery, praliney chocolate, it's my favourite.  

I'd highly recommend a Vegan Tuck Box, we loved everything in it and it was really exciting trying out new vegan foods that we hadn't seen in the shops before.  I can't wait to get the next one! 

The Tuck Boxes are a mix of chocolate, crisps, biscuits, snack bars, crackers, sweets etc. and cover both the healthy and naughty ends of the snack spectrum.  You can either buy a single box for £19, or sign up for a monthly subscription for £17 from the Vegan Tuck Box website  You can also buy some of the items from the boxes on the websiteand they have a Facebook page too, so check them out!