Fredagsmys - Friday Cosiness

I'm half Swedish - my Mum and her family are Swedish, although she lives in England now after being adopted by an English family when she was small - and I love finding out more about my Swedish heritage.  

I've recently read about 'Fredagsmys', which is a Swedish tradition roughly translated as 'Friday Night Cosiness' or 'Friday Night Cuddle Time'.  Fredagsmys seems to consist of making a proper occasion out of finishing the stressful, busy week at work and school, curling up and relaxing, looking forward to the weekend - and stuffing your face. 

To me this means pyjamas, blankets, a film on the TV, tacos, popcorn and Vegan Tuck Box treats with Eric and Dan (and when they're here Dan's children too!)  It's going to be our new family tradition and I can't wait.  

Fredagsmys has become so iconic in Sweden, that the word made it into the dictionary in 2007.  It does have it's detractors however... those who think that evenings spent slothing around in such a manner is a bit unhealthy.  But in my opinion if you're active and healthy the rest of the time then one evening a week for a bit of r & r with your family and friends is a-ok. Dan and I work hard, on our feet all day, and Eric tires himself out at school.  We usually spend time after school at the park or climbing a nearby favourite tree, and spend weekends walking and exploring in the Quantock hills, so I'm 100% on board with Fredagsmys! And it's time spent together.

What do you think, will you be adopting Fredagsmys too?