15 Of My Favourite Feelings

Today's blog post is inspired by Essie Button's video (if you don't already watch her videos, check her out, she's brilliant, beautiful and hilarious!).  I loved the video and was so interested and inspired that I wanted to share 15 of my own favourite feelings.

1) Seeing my oldest, bestest friend (who I now live 160 miles away from and only see a few times a year) and it feeling exactly like it used to when we were kids, lived nearby eachother and saw eachother every day. 

2) The feeling of accomplishment when I feel I've done a job really well, or done something new or that I found hard or scary.

3) Ranting about something I'm really passionate about with likeminded people!

4) Drinking my cup of tea when it's the perfect temperature.

5) A hot bath, a good book, a hoovered house, clean pyjmas and clean sheets.

6) Seeing Eric sleeping and feeling that all-encompasing surge of love, pride and affection.

7) Walking outdoors and really feeling and appreciating the beauty of nature.

8) The calm and enjoyment of sitting outside on a warm summer's evening - a campfire on the beach, a barbeque in the garden, stargazing in the hills with Daniel.

9) Reading a book when it's raining ouside but you're all snuggled up inside in the warm.

10) That 'Back to School' feeling in September, which I still get now even though I haven't been to school or university for years.  I just want to buy pencils and notebooks and a cool pencil case and a warm coat and a scarf.  I get to legitimately enjoy this again now since Eric has started school. 

11) The intense pride when Eric does something new for the first time...like his first laugh, writing his name, or when he first read to me.  

12) Nostalgia about my childhood.

13) That feeling of spring in the air -  smelling the grass, the first blossom on the trees, the subtle warmth, that imperceptible feeling of the energy of bulbs growing in the earth.

14) Feeling close to Daniel, knowing we're on exactly the same page and feeling like he is my other half and soulmate.

"I like you Mummy" [sic]!
15) Eric saying he loves me unpromted, or giving me a cuddle out of the blue.

I'd love to hear some of your favourite feelings too... Please write me some in the comments below!